What To Look For In Tiles For Your Cooking-Rooms

Kitchen, one of the busiest rooms in any home must present impressive looks and tidiness at all times. Any type of filth or other disturbing elements should be removed on instant basis as it may lead to health hazards apart from giving shabby looks. Kitchen flooring should be set with great care by choosing the […]

Kitchens: Then And Now

Back in the old days, people used to cook their food outside on open fires. This group ritual – as it was usually more than one person involved – gave birth to the need of more. They started building different constructions meant to hold the fire and the food. Then came the clay oven and […]

The Schuller Kitchens North West London

You may be surprised to know that according to a study, 26% Britons are passionate about cooking. Britons usually spend 5.9 hours per week in the kitchen and interestingly, the British women spend more time in the kitchen than men. Another study says that working in the kitchen can actually give you a unique advantage […]

How To Buy Unique Kitchenware Online!

Kitchenware is referred as the soul of a kitchen as it is next to impossible to cook well without having quality kitchenware. Especially, if you are a person who loves cooking and like to invite friends and relatives for lunch or dinner at your home occasionally to showcase your cooking talent, you would certainly love […]