Important Basement Remodeling Tips For Your Renovation

Basements represent extra space that can come in very handy in a home that is stretched for space. Maybe you have already done some renovation work in your basement or have even turned it into livable space already, but you just aren’t finding it comfortable anymore.

A basement remodel can be just what you need to create a usable space that is comfortable and enjoyable.

It’s important to know what you want out of your basement remodel before you start the remodeling project. Look at your family needs first.

Do you need a family room? Are you looking for a game room? Do you need a man cave? Are you in need of an extra bedroom? Your needs can guide your choices.

Get A Basement Air Purifier

The air in many basements can get musty because of a lack of air circulation. Mildew and mold can grow in typical basement conditions, but an air purifier can keep air circulating around the basement and it can draw in outside air to ensure that the air is well mixed.

It purifies the air from any contaminants creating a fresh and clean smelling environment in your basement. A dual dehumidifier and air purifier is the best type of model to go with since it cleans the air and removes excess moisture. This can go a long ways to preventing mold and mildew damage.

Install Quality Carpeting

Nothing makes a room warm and inviting quite like quality carpeting. Installing quality carpet is a good step in any basement renovation. It can brighten the room and add a soft feel. It can accent any decor choices made for the basement remodel.

In choosing a carpet, you want to go with one that can handle the challenges of basement installation. Since most basements have a cement floor, you need a carpet that can be placed on cement flooring.

You also want to make sure that if you are in an area prone to flooding that you have a suitable sump pump area set aside to quickly remove any water that comes in before it can ruin your new carpeting.

Utilize Modular Shelving and Cabinets

By utilizing modular shelving and cabinets, you can quickly reconfigure your basement if your basement needs a remodel. Maybe you need bedroom space now but in a few years, you’ll want a family activity room.

Planning ahead means that you can do a reconfiguration without costing a lot of money. They not only look good, but they are very functional. Most modular shelves and cabinets are DIY projects and can easily be put together on a weekend.
Improve the Stairs

If you are just starting to use your basement for extra living space, it’s important that you do some remodeling work on your stairs. They may not be made for regular use by all members of the family.

You might need to replace the stairs themselves with sturdier boards. This can be an involved project, but depending on how it is made, it can be a DIY project. Some homeowners even replace their basement stairs with metal spiral staircases that are relatively easy to install. Sometimes only the railing needs to be replaced on basement stairs and this can be a relatively easy project for a weekend.

As you make these simple improvements to your basement, your basement remodeling renovation becomes useable space for the entire family. It’s an inviting and comfortable addition to your home’s living space.

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