Buy An Extension Roof Ladder For Your Home!

Extension Roof

When you are working on your roof, it is important for you to get an extension ladder that is safe and durable. Many people make the mistake of leaning over ladders that are too short and this results in major falls every year. It is important for you to ensure that the ladder you use has the safety you deserve when it comes to working on your roof for repairs and maintenance.

Extension roof ladder- invest in a good one

As mentioned above, your roof ladder must be safe and so it is important for you to invest in an extension ladder is that durable and high in quality. Many people do not bother to buy an extension ladder for their roof as they believe that all ladders are the same however this is not true. It is very important for you to ensure that you buy a roof ladder that will not topple when you lean over it. Your safety is of paramount importance when you are working on the roof. Always remember that when you are buying an extension ladder, it should ideally be higher than the roof so that you do not topple over and incur severe injuries. Remember the right extension ladder will ensure that you will not fall even if you hold on to the edges when you are climbing down the ladder.

Safety tips when it comes to using your extension ladder for roof repairs and maintenance

When it comes to the use of your extension ladder for your roof, the following are some safety tips that you can follow in order to stay safe-

  1. Ensure that you set the extension ladder on the ground. Check the surface of the ground and ensure that it is even so that when you get on your ladder it will not wobble.
  2. When you are working with your ladder on the roof, it is important for you to angle the ladder at the correct degree. It is prudent to place your ladder about a quarter of the length from your roof. For example, if your ladder is 16 feet high, you should place the bottom of the ladder at about 4 feet away from the roof.
  3. When you are using your ladder, it is important for you to fasten your ladder tight and securely on the roof.
  4. When you are using an extension ladder, ensure that you add roof brackets which are also known as roof jacks in the market. It is important for you to install these jacks and set up a board that is between them to create a scaffolding that protects you from falling in case you slip.

When you are using an extension ladder for your roof, it is very important for you to keep the above in mind. When you use the right roof ladder, you effectively are able to keep yourself safe and free from major injuries and accidents that could be severe for you today and in the long run.

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