Your Handy Guide To Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are the ubiquitous decorative component in your house, and they can allow just the right amount of light in the rooms. Curtains are used to maintain the privacy of the room or separate one from another. They also add aesthetic appeal to the interiors.  Sometimes, curtains are even used for adding the pop of color that your home has forever required. However, many people still find it a mystery to clean the curtains. Should you ever mean to clean your curtains in the right methods, you must give this article a read. 

Dos and don’ts of Curtain Cleaning :

What are the various items required for Curtain Cleaning? 

Vacuum cleaner: If you have a vacuum cleaner, the curtain cleaning becomes easier and simplified. The new variant of vacuum comes with delicate cleaning features, which makes it easy for you to clean the curtain. Vacuum cleaners remove even the tiniest of dust particles with the help of strong suction technology that they come with. 

Laundry detergent: Laundry detergent is the second basic requirement of curtain cleaning. For cleaning the curtain, make sure you make use of mild detergent. Besides, soaking the curtains in lukewarm water along with detergent so that the dirt can easily loosen up. Before going ahead with the wash, make sure that your laundry detergent adheres to the requirement of the fabric, or otherwise, you will end up making it go completely discolored after being washed in the machine. 

Washing machine: You must have guessed it already. Many fabrics, that are prone to attract stubborn dust particles which take forever to go, should be washed in washing machines to retain their shine. Even if you are washing them in a machine, you must read the guidelines and fill the machine with no more than half while the washing is going on. 

Clothesline: Their need may arise when you are looking to dry some fabrics after washing. Sheer fabrics, which tend to be fragile, should be ideally hung in clotheslines out in the open for drying. They are way too delicate to be applied heat over them in an effort to dry them. When you hang them in clotheslines under the shady area, they will dry without suffering sun damage or discoloration. 

Dry-cleaners: One of the easiest and effective ways for curtain cleaning is dry cleaning. You must take them to the local dry cleaners to clean them. They have their distinguished methods of cleaning and will make your curtains like-new again. 

What are the other things that you need to keep in mind while Curtain Cleaning? 

The time frame for cleaning the curtain depends on the kind of material of the curtain. For example, if you have curtains made of cotton , then you can wash them weekly, while the ones made from velvet can be swiped easily. You must care for and clean your curtains on a weekly basis to enhance their lifespan. Ideally, you should use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to run thoroughly over the curtain and clean them. In the case of lightweight curtains, you can just shake them occasionally and half the cleaning job will be done. There are also instances when children stain the curtains purposely. In such cases, go for machine washing or dry cleaning as per the requirement. 

Some tips to note while machine washing: 

Don’t dump the curtains into the machine with all the hardware on. It may damage both the curtain and the machine. Make sure that you remove all the hard aids while washing the curtains in the machine. To comprehend if your curtain’s fabric is machine-friendly, you do a spot testing with a mix of water and mild detergent in the corner of your curtain. 

The above-mentioned tips will be helpful for curtain cleaning. There are many agencies which also offer curtain cleaning services. You can avail these services and leave the worry behind. 

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