Decorating Your Kitchen, Cottage Style

Cottage Style


Cottage style is experiencing something of a revival within the home, perhaps owing to the minimal maintenance it requires, as well as the fact it can work within both old and new properties. When decorating your kitchen in a cottage style, personal preference will play a big part, as one of the most appealing things about cottage kitchens is their quaint individual charm. However, there are a few factors to be aware of to help you get a truly authentic feel.

Cottage countertops tend to be made of light materials in neutral tones, rather than heavy substance like granite or marble as these make what is probably a smaller room felt even smaller. The floor really should be wooden to give the room that warm cozy feel, but it can be wood stained or painted depended on your preference, as both have a delightful casual charm.

The cottage kitchen tends to utilise all spaces by offering hanging space for the likes of pans and utensils. You could also fill up any empty shelving with crockery; maybe something with a vintage feel, such as an assortment of blue and white china.

Finally, continuing the idea of having things on show, a great addition to any country kitchen is a wooden dresser where you can display country flowers, tea sets and dinnerware. Any dinnerware will look great when displayed on a dresser, but something traditional like the Denby Blue Willow dinner set, which was first produced in the nineteenth century, would add the perfect amount of casual country charm to any cottage style kitchen.

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