Garden Furniture – The Pride of Our Homes?

It used to be that patio furniture was considered to be a sideshow to the main event – the outdoor areas itself. That concept probably dates back to Victorian times, when outdoor benches and chairs were very functional, and used to admire the plants. A table might be carried out and then whipped away briskly.

Now, however, as our gardens are increasingly expected to fulfil a range of functions, so outdoor chairs, tables and the like have evolved.

Many people look at their garden as another room in the house, and so the quality of outdoor furniture is getting higher all the time. Many top hotels worldwide are leading the way in this.

Much of the new furniture is so design-focused that it would not look that out of place indoors, with a focus on high-quality upholstery and comfort. Increasingly, it is being created to fit the brief of “an al fresco sitting room”.

Equally, the trend for outside shelters, like pergolas, gazebos and summerhouses, has only added to the interest in taking comfort levels to new heights.

In fact, the garden has become a place where many families seem to spend most of their free time during the warmer months.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor daybed, brightly coloured cushions or table poufs for garden and patio use, there are more ways than ever of bringing the inside outside this summer. Look online to get the best quality furniture for your garden, and to find the greatest selection of products.

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