Guide To Buy The Best Kind Of Security Doors

Security Doors

A house becomes your home because you feel safe and secure there. Unfortunately, the lure of easy money has attracted a lot of people towards entering the world of crime and making our life unsafe. It is our responsibility to keep our families and assets secure. 

So what to do? All of us cannot afford to have security guards, and even they are unable to protect against the lawless goons, at times. Strong security doors are a must for your home. People are also choosing the best quality security system from the huge variety available in the market to keep your treasure and family away from the danger.

What do the security doors do?

It has been found in a study that the robbers, burglars, and thieves used screwdrivers and crowbars to open the normal doors easily. A well-made security door will defeat their purpose. 

Highlights of a security door

There are a few underlined facilities that make the security doors unique from the ordinary lock and key facility for your house. 

Door reinforcements

As the name suggests, reinforcements mean strengthening a door. This is done by placing a plate made of steel sheet under the deadbolt or behind it. Then the edge of the door is wrapped around it. Thus, break-ins using the door can be prevented.

Similarly, delamination of the door can be restricted by placing the plates on the sides of the door and fixing them with strong bolts or screws. Another way of reinforcement is by fixing a strike plate with the door frame so that it cannot be removed by applying force. The added advantage of these reinforced doors is that they are fire-proof, so the fire safety angle is also covered.

Smart locks

These smart locks open only with an electronic key or smartphone. The big advantage is that the time of operation is noted. In case of an attempt to a break in, an alarm starts to make a sound to alert you. Thus, only the authorized people can have access to open the door. They control the digital access without using physical keys. This access can be enabled or disabled at the owner’s choice. 


These deadbolts are not like universal spring latches. Here, the bolt cannot be retracted by force. It can be moved only by using its original key.

Door chains

The door chains are fixed in the doors. When a visitor comes, these allow only the slight opening of the door. The person can be properly seen, and then his or her entry be allowed. During the opening of the door chain, the door remains locked and cannot be forced open.

Internal locks

Some of the security items like the special latches, metal blocks, sliding bolts, hooks, or combinations of any of these are fixed on the door internally. 

Hinge screws

These are fixed as special screws which are longer ones. Because of these, the door cannot be pulled out by removal of the hinge pins only. 

Door viewers

A small lens in the shape of a fisheye is fixed on the door. It is very common in old houses. The owner can view the visitor and then decide about opening or not opening the gate to allow him in the house. 

Door windows

These also serve the same purpose as above, but these can be made more secure by adding-

  • Security bars and grates
  • Security films- window glass is coated to make it stronger
  • Breakage-resistant window glass- This prevents forced entry by breaking the window glass itself.

The studies have confirmed that these security doors discourage the home invaders in a big way.

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