Important Tips To Take Care Of The Teak Furniture

Teak Furniture

Are you looking for suitable furniture material for the home? Teak is strong wood which is highly recommended for home furniture. The high-quality furniture material is mould-resistant and so you do not require any heavy maintenance schedule. But, if you want the teak furniture to last for ages, you have to take care of it. Things will be easy and fast if you use teak for home furniture. Among so many materials for furniture, teak has the most outstanding features. Owing to superior durability, the material is also used for making patio furniture. You may leave the pieces outdoors without much worry.

Regular cleaning can restore the charm

If you want furniture pieces to appear charming for years, clean the surface regularly. Mildew can cause surface discolouration and so you should wipe it off. You may either use a solution meant specifically for teak material or choose a home cleaning solution. If the stain is really tough, you may opt for some store-bought cleaning solution. You can also make the solution at your home by mixing water, detergent and chlorine bleach. Chlorine can fight off tough stains. Just apply the solution to the surface of the furniture with a soft brush and leave for a few minutes. Wipe off the surface with a moist cloth.

Regular oiling for lubrication

Looking to enhance the looks and elegance of furniture pieces? Oiling teak furniture can transform its looks and appeal. If the furniture is used in the outdoors, oil it every three months. For indoor furniture, there is no need for frequent oiling as the surface is not exposed to the UV rays of the sun. Before applying oil, clean the surface.

Use sandpaper for usual stains

If the stains are normal stains, use sandpaper to lightly scrub the surface. The stains will vanish in no time.

Cover the items when not used

If the items are not in use, cover them up. This is important when you go out for vacation or holidays. Outdoor patio furniture should be covered when you finish using them.

Regular dusting is important

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Regularly dust and clean furniture items to prevent scratches and marks. Dusting for 2-3 times a week can restore its look, beauty, and charm. But, when dusting the surface, you should always use a soft muslin cloth. It is important to eliminate the stains as soon as they are noticed.

Teak wood furniture offers a variety of benefits

Teak is a preferred material for furniture for years. The following are the benefits:

  • Teak wood has a great aesthetic appeal and is attractive to look at. If you want to add to the interiors, incorporate furniture constituted of teak wood. Teak wood is popular for its durability all across the globe.
  • The material is obtained from deciduous trees and so it is extremely tough and durable. The furniture pieces will last for decades.
  • Teak can resist insects and termites. There will be no termite infestation if you use teak wood for furniture.

So, by following the above tips, you can maintain your furniture pieces. It is heavy, moisture-resistant and appealing to look at.

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