Let Your Home Be A Safer Place With Few Security Tweaks

Feeling safe at home is one of life’s pleasures that most of us take for pleasure, and why shouldn’t we? After all, they say ‘an Englishman’s home is his castle’ and that used to be the case. Sadly, these days it can be fairly difficult to ensure that we are both safe and sound in our homes. Thieves are everywhere, and they seem to thrive on opportunities. For this reason, we need to do our utmost to keep the home as safe as possible and that is what this short article is all about. Here we look at 4 key areas that need to be taken into consideration as far as upping home security is concerned.


Your windows are quite often the first port of call for those burglars and because of this, they need to be sorted out sooner rather than later. First of all, do not leave your home without closing those windows. It may be a warm day, but would you rather have a warm house or an empty one? It’s a no-brainer when you think about it so remember to close them when off out on your travels. The same goes for damaged windows, these can be very tempting for passing thieves. Simple wear and tear can make that entry points very easy to pop open. Get them repaired or risk a ruined home!

Front door

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This is the main entry point to your home and as such, it will be the key target for those wishing to help themselves to your loot. Never leave the door open and always make sure that the lock is working well. We spend serious money on making the front door looking as welcoming as possible but sometimes we neglect the security aspect a little. Upgrade those locks and invest a little more in a good deadlock before worrying about an extra coat of paint.


These are often the focus for thieves and many a home has been ransacked thanks to someone leaving the conservatory windows wide open whilst out and about. Do your best to check these are closed before you leave home but also do not let them get into a state of disarray. Look into bi-folding doors by Debar (US), as these allow for a decent and secure locking mechanism without sacrificing the looks and flexibility of a smart conservatory.

Outdoor structures

We’re talking about garages and garden sheds here, even if they are not directly connected to your home, they still contain some valuable stock. That shed may catch the eye of a thief who is checking out your garden in the summer or even the winter. They know that you probably keep some valuable tools inside and could even be hiding a few expensive surprises that you’d rather not see go walkies.

Please pay heed to this article because nobody wants to come home to find that the family heirlooms have been stolen. With a little care and common sense, hopefully, this will never happen to you.

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