Maintaining The Longevity Of Your Windows

Window And Door Frames

When it comes time to replace your windows, you may not want to go the traditional route. Instead, many are opting for laminated glass windows due to their many benefits.


Regular window glass is not incredibly strong and is prone to breakage. When glass windows break, they can break into sharp strips of glass that can cause injury or worse. Laminated safety glass performs well under impact. Though the glass still has the potential to break, it may not shatter and cause as many injuries.

In addition to protecting against the every day breaks, laminated windows can also protect against inclement weather. When broken, laminated glass still stays in its frame, reducing the dangers of flying glass. This makes it the perfect glass to protect you against hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. Laminated glass is incredibly durable and its strength is unmatched.


Laminated glass can prevent burglaries. Since the glass is harder to break, it makes it more difficult to break in during an intrusion. Laminated glass can even withstand bullets and other blasts, protecting those who are on the other side.

Sound Reduction

Noise can be incredibly frustrating in a home. If you’re on a main road and subject to traffic on the streets, it can be difficult to sleep, concentrate, and just relax in your own home. Buying laminated glass in Melbourne can protect your relaxation time. The thickness of laminated glass exceeds that of regular glass, making it easier to block out sounds.

UV Control

When exposed to serious UV rays, pictures, furnishings, and other decoratives in your home can fade. These items can get ruined by UV rays. Since this is done through a chemical reaction, the fading is irreversible. Laminated glass can prevent this with an added layer of protection.

Energy Control

Too much natural light in the home can raise the temperature indoors. This will have one of two effects. First, it could just raise the temperature, making it uncomfortably hot in your home. Secondly, it could trigger air conditioning to come on to counteract the raised temperature, raising your electric bill and exerting more energy. Laminated glass can sometimes come in a tinted variety that can block out some of this natural light, thus saving energy costs.


Laminated glass can be manufactured in a number of ways to please virtually any homeowner. If you’re seeking a curved window design, a tinted design, or really anything else, laminated windows likely come in the design you seek. Laminated windows can even be manufactured with a design on one of the interlayers. This ensures that the design will not ruin over time because it is naturally protected by the other layers from fingerprints, dirt, and other abrasions.

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