Popular Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation And Right Cause Of Actions

One of the worst pests that can ever invade your home is bed bugs as the unwanted guests are nothing but irritating and uncomfortable to have around. The small blood-sucking pests find pleasure in living off a human host and once they find a suitable place to live will rapidly thrive. A distinguishing factor that makes bed bugs a menace that anyone can become a victim of is that all it takes is for them to find a person and they get to them. This is unlike most categories of pests which are attracted by other factors such as dirty environments, warmth, and ready availability of food. What this means is that regardless of how clean and tidy a home, is, the possibilities of a bed bug infestation are ever at hand.

Since the tiny insects which are the size of a watermelon seed can hide at any space, most people have them get on their bodies when in public areas such as metros, libraries, hospitals, theatres, & hotels. They thrive in busy locations where most people frequently visit as they can easily find hosts who can then carry them to their homes. As they are small in size and have perfected the art of hiding in plain sight most people never know they are in trouble until it is too late. Some of the signs that show the presence of these unwanted guests include;

  •    Red spots on the body which are itchy

Bed bugs are parasitic insects survive on human blood and to get it they have to bite our bodies before sucking which always leaves red marks on the body. While the bites do not cause any diseases, they cause irritation to the body, and there is a constant sensation for scratching. They do not have specific spots where they bite but mainly go for areas where they can easily reach to and quickly hide before they are discovered. These are primarily exposed areas such as arms, shoulders, and neck when sleeping.

  •    Uncomfortable nights

The name of the pests reflects the area where they love the most which are where we spend our nights. Bed bugs have adapted to the schedules of most people and are active at night as that is when they can easily feed off humans easily. If you suddenly discover that the body has lots of irritations which make it hard to sleep it is time to have a closer look as to the presence of these pests.

  •    Blood stains and a strong scent

A sign that is never to be ignored is small blood stains that resemble rust spots and an awful smell as bed bugs release pheromones.

All these signs point to the need for taking immediate action as the pests are known for multiplying in the craziest ways. To avoid taking chances with these irritating parasites, it takes expert bed bug control in Boston to ensure a home that is free from the insects. Another fact why the approach to eliminating the pests requires professional expertise is they have a thick exoskeleton which protects them from most pesticides.  

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