What Value Does A Driveway Add To My Home?


You may think it is just an area at the front of my home which I use to park the car, but you would be wrong. Having a beautifully designed, high quality driveway has several benefits for homeowners, it is not just a space which entertains your car, but an area which has the potential to add a lot of value to one of your most prized possessions, your home.

Here are 4 reasons why driveway investments make sense:

  • First Impressions

As you approach any property the first thing you usually set eyes on is the driveway, and like it or not it will cause you to make assumptions about the premises and the owner you are about to encounter. No matter what industry you work in, first impressions are key, so when you come across a driveway which is designed with a stylish, high quality finish, you will presume that the premises you are about to set foot in will follow suit.

  • Increase the Value of Your Home

Research suggests that quality driveway installation adds anywhere between 10 to 15% to the value of your home, that is an increase in value you simply cannot ignore. If you choose the right kind of design and style, a driveway can be an excellent way of improving the overall look of your property. Make sure you do not decide to install a new driveway just as your home has been put on the market, buyers will be immediately put off by the sight of an unfinished driveway.

  • Practicality & Space

A new driveway adds functionality and maybe even parking space to your home, a professional paving service usually has a design specialist who can conjure up some outstanding concept to build at your home. They will take the time to design a driveway which makes use of the space it occupies and is built to improve its usefulness on the property. They may come up with an idea which you never could have imagined, which makes your driveway and home look incredible.

  • Less Maintenance

Apart from the driveways improved aesthetics, there is the added benefit of having a feature which requires less maintenance. Everyone enjoys having a product which requires low maintenance, and there are various driveway designs that can be easily cleaned using a basin and a cloth or a spray gun for more stubborn stains.If you require assistance, any professional paving supplier in Newcastle can offer services to help clean and maintain your driveway, leaving it looking brand new.

Tips for Creating That Dream Driveway:

  • Research potential companies.
  • Collect estimates from various paving companies and view their portfolio.
  • Do not trust a company who cannot provide a portfolio or references.
  • Examine their credentials – are they members of the Trustmark scheme or the Federation of Master Builders.
  • Ask as many questions as possible.

A well designed, professionally finished driveway has several benefits for homeowners, it increases the value of your home along with its visual appearance.

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