5 Amazing Perk of Gravel Driveways

A Gravel grid is a gravel stabilization system that chiefly comprises of a foundation of interconnected honeycomb-celled panels having a geotextile backing. Upon filling it with gravels, this system is ideal for both pedestrian and vehicles traffic, without compromising on durability and strength. In comparison to other parking base material like permeable, asphalt and block pavers, this […]

What Is Venetian Plaster And Where Is It Used?

What is known as “Venetian plaster” is a method for applying plaster to walls, raised or curved areas, and ceilings to provide it with a heightened stucco-type of appearance and texture. This technique was perfected by European craftsmen in 15th-century Rome around the locality of Venice, Italy, from where it gets its name. It has […]