Are Hardwood Floors Suitable for Pets?

Hardwood Floors


Hardwood flooring works very well in homes with a large amount of footfall, for example in shared homes or family homes; one obvious reason for this is that they are very durable and when treated can last for many, many years without any loss of ostensible quality.

But are wood floors London suitable for homes where there are pets?

Well the answer is that different kinds of wooden floors are more suitable for pets than others, however talking generally we can say that pets and wooden floors go very well together.

The Benefits

There are a couple of benefits in having wood floors where there are pets. They are very easy to clean, and, unlike a carpet, if your pet does its business on a wooden floor then it can be very easily cleaned up, no problem.

As we’ve mentioned wood is very durable and so it can last for many years even in places where there is a large amount of footfall.

Wooden floors can be refinished easily, so even where there is damage to the superficial surface of the wooden floor that can usually be rectified through refinishing.

Things to Consider

The main thing to consider is that pets, i.e. dogs and cats, have claws and this can damage the surface of some kinds of wooden floor. For example, darker woods are more likely to show even minor scratches as do some finishes, such as shiner finishes.

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