Can Pet Hair Destroy Your Vacuum?

Pet Hair Destroy

If you are a pet owner and lover, you will understand how easy it is for pet hairs to cause havoc in your home no matter how hard you try to prevent it from happening. From dogs and cats, to even rabbits and hamsters that may live inside, they moult and your carpets and throws on your sofa suffer the most from this. Although we love our very furry friends, and we wash them and clip them and try to prevent them from covering our homes in their long fluffy hairs, we always end up having to vacuum up after them, so that we can keep our homes a clean and tidy. With all this pet hair being vacuumed up by our trusty vacuums, are the hairs actually causing damage to our vacuums and do we need to do anything to prevent them from breaking from this?

Repair Services

If your vacuum has stopped working, either due to pet hairs or other technical issues, then you could send it to vacuum repair services , which will ultimately be cheaper than buying a brand new vacuum to replace the old, broken one. By having experts look at your vacuum and fix it, you can rest assured that it has been repaired correctly and is unlikely to break again.

The Motor   

Unfortunately vacuum filtering systems can suck up pet hair, which can get into the motor. When this happens, it isn’t long until the motor overheats and ultimately stops working all together, meaning that you are left with a broken vacuum and a home full of pet hairs that still need to be removed from your carpet, rugs and furniture. The pet hairs also eventually reduce the suction of the vacuum, making it unusable.

Clean The Filter

If you want to keep your vacuum for longer, then you are going to have to clean your filters and look after your vacuum properly. The filter is very important in order for the suction to work effectively and suck up all the dirt on your floors. Additionally, cleaning the filter regularly will also help to prevent the vacuum from overheating and the motor from blowing, so you can preserve your vacuum for a longer period of time.

In addition to cleaning the filter, it is also recommended that you clean the hose, pipes and brushes of the vacuum on a regular basis. This is due to pet hair being able to get stuck in these compartments in your vacuum. Once again, this can prevent the vacuum from overheating and blowing.

Buy A Suitable Vacuum

Fortunately, there are some vacuums that you can buy which have been designed to clean pet hairs.For more details visit this site about pet vacuum This would be a great investment if you have an old vacuum, as this new one will last longer and is less likely to overheat or blow, due to its specific design to suck up pet hairs.

Hopefully these tips will help you to prevent pet hairs from destroying your vacuum and making you spend a fortune. If you look after your vacuum, then it will be able to cope better with the amount of pet hair you will be cleaning up. If a long-term investment is what you are after, then buying a vacuum designed for pet hairs may be the most beneficial thing for you to do.

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  1. It is a very common problem that pet hair destroy your vacuum. We must keep the vacuum clean so that it can work properly and our carpet can remain dust free and beautiful. All the points explained perfectly. Thanks for the informative article. It was interesting to read this article. Keep sharing!!

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