Getting Rid Of A Termite Problem What You Should Know


Most homeowners or businesses want to avoid the nightmare of dealing with termites. That is because the pests can invade the structures in several ways, all of which can be prevented by practicing certain preventative measures. For example, termites can access the foundation of a building through a crack or sag in the front steps. If a builder has applied scrap wood to fill a void beneath a step, then a property owner may find that his or her building is infested with unwanted visitors.

Don’t Allow Mulch to Accumulate

In order to prevent termites from foraging and inviting themselves into your home or commercial site, you need to be on the outlook for any disparities that can trigger a problem. For example, experts in the pest control field advise property owners not to pile mulch around their site foundations as doing so can lead to a termite infestation. In fact, some people let mulch build-up to the point where the foundation cannot be seen.

If you let mulch accumulate in this way, you will also provide a direct channel for termite access. That is because mulch holds moisture and causes fungus to breed and grow. Termites love fungus so they naturally are drawn to the mulch. It is better to use stone around a structure to prevent this from happening.

Technicians that handle commercial pest control in Geelong also add that it helps to grind stumps of trees that have been removed. Because leftover stumps collect moisture and encourage the growth of fungus, they create the ideal climate for invading termites. However, when a stump is ground, the remaining root system dies quickly and any evaporation is soaked up as well. Any termites in the area are normally captured and eaten by birds.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning a structure’s gutters also lessens the possibility of a termite problem. Unfortunately, when gutters back up, they cause pooling of water in a wall’s voids. As a result, wood and damp insulation can quickly attract wood-loving termites to the site.

Any pooling of precipitation can then draw termites to your business or home. In order to make this less of a problem, it does not hurt to divert the drain network. So, if you want to reduce the risk of termites, redirect the drains so water is transported away from a site.

You also need to get rid of any contact between wood and earth as doing so will discourage termite foraging. When wood mingles with the earth, it makes it possible for termites to carve a route to their nests. For instance, if the frame of a garage door extends into the dirt, it will usually be impacted by termites. Therefore, all wood and concrete forms in a new addition should be eliminated. It is best to employ garage doors with pressure-treated frames instead.

Since wood is a big enticement to termites, it is also essential that any firewood be stored away from a building. Firewood should never be placed up against the side of a home or commercial property. You should also clean out crawl spaces that contain wood debris.

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