Heart Of The Home


For many people, the kitchen really is the heart of their home. There is no point in denying it; Britain is a nation of amateur chefs and great British bakers. Whilst some would argue that our love for kitchens stems from the multitude of cookery programmes that grace our television screens every single week, others may point towards a more traditional reason. After all, in times gone by food was not taken for granted like many of us take it for today. The kitchen would be a place full of enticing smells and nourishing grub which would help people survive the long, hard days and nights.

Of course, because kitchens are traditionally places which contain fires or stoves for cooking with, there is the extra implication that they were often the warmest room in the house. In the days before central heating being available at the flick of a button, this was no small issue. Indeed, many modern kitchens seek to recreate a cosy atmosphere amongst the latest gadgets and accessories. Lighting has a huge effect on the mood and atmosphere of a room. Kitchen spotlights are very popular because their light can be directed where it is needed most.

The links between comfort and food have been long recognised. When we get up in the morning most of us will shuffle down to the kitchen in our pyjamas in search of breakfast. Whilst emerging from a world of sleepiness, the soft glare of halogen spotlights can help wake us up and get ready to take on the world for the day. Nobody likes to feel rushed in the morning, and harsh lights can often feel too much a like a sanatorium. That is why sales of ceiling spotlights are so popular at the moment – they can often be adjusted to be dimmer or brighter at the turn of a button.

There are other things which make a kitchen feel like a home. Whilst the show house kitchen may look great on the pages of a magazine, the pristine clinical look is not always to everyone’s tastes. A spice rack full of favourite herbs and spices, cake baking trays, jars of popular food, tea and coffee – all these things can help a family to stamp a piece of their characters on their kitchen. Go into any household which contains children and you will often find some of their hand drawn pictures stuck on the doors of the fridge. Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to making a kitchen more homely.

What is more, the kitchen is a great place for the family to spend some quality time together. There are few things as exciting as baking a cake or a tray of biscuits for young children. Not only do they get to learn valuable life skills, but they will also get to lick the spoon if they are lucky! If you feel that your kitchen needs a bit of a lift, look into the ways it can be improved today.

About the Author – Sarah Makinson is a regular contributor to a number of consumer blogs, including National Lighting.

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