Selecting The Best Shade Of Rugs For Your Room

Home decoration is increasingly becoming a fixation of sorts for people who are extremely fashion-conscious and want their house to be decorated in the latest trends and styles. With carpets and rugs adding to the beauty of a house, the popularity of Nourison rugsis quite understandable because these rugs are available in a plethora of designs, styles and colours which go well with almost all kinds of home décor.

Since most homeowners are aware that the patterns and shades of rugs should harmonize with the walls and furniture of the house, Nourison rugs are generally their preferred choice in the latest rugs because the Nourison label brings along the assurance of a wide variety of rug colours, out of which you can select the best shade for your room. However, while selecting the shade that can perk up the overall look of a room, you should remember the following points, so that the Nourison rug you choose appears to be exclusively designed for your needs.

Select rugs that complement the overall look of your home interiors: To have a well-decorated home, with the perfect Nourison rugs spread out, it is essential that your selection of a particular shade of the rug complements the other interiors of your home. Given the fact that you are more likely to make up the interiors first before buying a rug in a particular area of your house, it is pertinent that the design, shape, colour and style of the rug should fit in with the other things. The shade which you choose for your Nourison rug should be in sync with the home décor so that there is no clash of colours to mar the final outcome.

Choose rug shades keeping the latest trends and styles in mind: Since home-styling trends and styles keep changing with time, it is important that you bear in mind the latest trends while selecting Nourison rugs for your home. Once you have made up your mind about the style you want for your home, you can select a rug shade that enhances your style and fits in with your chosen scheme of things. The colour that you want for a particular room in your house is ultimately your personal choice, and obviously, you should look for Nourison rugs that are either in contrast with the main colour used for the room or merge with it to create a balanced overall look.

Dark or light neutrals are ‘timeless’ shades for rugs: Most of the area and oriental rugs have a number of colours to work with – including the field colour or the main shade, the shade of the border, and up to 20 different accent hues – and a variety of designs to choose from, you should ideally select a rug which has at least three main shades that you want to work with. In case you are one of those people who want to play safe, without much experimentation, when it comes to the best shade for your rugs, you can opt for the so-called ‘timeless’ shades — dark or light neutrals like black, ivory and beige!

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