How To Choose And Use Nails Screws for Your Next DIY Project?

Use Nails Screws

It is certainly not a new thing that for any sort of DIY fixing and project work nails and screws are of immense importance. A nail usually consists of a few common features such as round flat head, a shank and pointed in shape at the end. On the other hand, a screw has a head that is indented, flat and has a threaded shaft.

So let’s talk about the things you need to consider before you decide on choosing for your next DIY project.

Before we delve deeper into the uses of nails and screws you need to understand the comparisons between the two. Both these objects are different but they are pretty much efficient in their works. The basic way to decide their uses is by knowing about shear strength and tensile strength.

Shear Strength

If you want to fix anything with a fastener you better choose a nail as when applied greater weight it will only bend to tackle the pressure. But a screw in the same situation will break instantly. This proves the nails are preferred over screws when it is the matter of shear strength. For buying high-quality nails, be sure to shop it from Tradefix.

Tensile Strength

For materials such as ply or wood, always prefer screws as they are most likely to expand and contract as per the material during wet and dry weather. In the case of nails, this contraction and expansion will only push it away, but a nail will hold it strong. For both small to medium or large DIY projects for home or other places, it is advisable to use screws because of its tensile strength.

Price Factor

Screws are obviously a bit costlier than nails as they cost much to manufacture. They are mostly double the number of nails. So while you work on a small project make sure to determine the importance of nails and screws for the particular project and then buy it. For a larger project, the price could be a reason. But make sure you buy only the best quality products. To find the finest products get nails and screws from Tradefix.

Your Preference

You need to understand your ease of use before you decide to buy nails or screws. This could be a personal preference or a based on your needs. More importantly, one must know how to use both properly. Nails are more flexible and are preferred by many due to the flexibility. Whereas, screws are preferred because they are absolutely rust free. Moreover, nails are generally lightweight and can be used even if you accidentally make a mistake by hammering it straight. But screws are very strong and with one mistake you might have to redo your whole project.

From these tips and information, hope now it will get easier for you to understand the pros and cons of nails and screws. It will also help you to decide better on what to use and for which specific project as per your requirements. If you are planning to buy nails and screws for your upcoming projects, make sure you buy it from the best only.

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