How To Choose The Unique And Stylish Bathroom Tiles?

Bathroom Tiles

Design of Bathroom

The bathroom is a place where you start your beautiful day.  Just enjoying bath in the hot tub and feeling aroma of candles is the most relaxing thing. Or in the morning while brushing your teeth you may be thinking about how to spend the day. Or giving bath to your kids and admire their innocence playing. These are important moments of your life which you will enjoy in the unique and special corner of your house. So definitely you want to make bathroom  beautiful and always refreshing without major changes.

What makes bathroom beautiful?

For decorating bathroom everyone have their own vision and idea. Some people decorate with beautiful light which make bathroom welcoming. Some People decorate bathroom with flowers and decorative wall pictures which make it attractive. Some have their own unique ideas to make bathroom stylish and attractive. But most of the people will agree upon is, tiles always make the difference in your bathroom. Sometimes bathroom will be the most ignore place in the house by adding beautiful tiles can really makes the difference in bathroom.

With endless array of graces, colors you can see why tiles can give you evergreen style. It is not difficult to bring style into a space that all about relax and function. Style will make your bathroom in classic, contemporary, electric or retro simply by choosing the right tile with your own choice. and if you like traditional look than you can opt traditional tiles and accessories to give your bathroom traditional look.

How to select tiles?

When you choose tiles for your bathroom there are things you always keep in mind or go for tiling ideas from Better Bathrooms.

First thing is size of tiles. It has always confusion which size tiles would look good in bathroom. If size of your bathroom is small then you choose small tiles. And if you have huge bathroom you can go to big, uncut tiles which make bathroom look bigger. But most of the time people will choose the medium sized tiles which can suites both small and large bathrooms. In the medium sized tiles you will get the lot of designs also.

If your bathroom is really small and you like to make it look big then tiles can really help you here. Light colored tiles like white or cream can make your small bathroom look bigger. Also using same color wall tiles on floor can make your bathroom a big and more stylish. If your bathroom fixtures are in stainless steel or chrome then it is best to select mosaic tiles in cool colors. And if your bathroom fixtures are in gold, copper or in brass the better go with the warm colors.

Marble, slate, granite  these are natural stone will make your bathroom look more natural. If you are fan of natural stone then definitely it is a good option. There are tiles with mixture of natural and artificial stone which makes them more durable and stylish.

Ceramic tiles are the common choice in the tiles because of its durability, moisture resistance and verities of design. But Mosaic glass tiles are the most attractive alternative in bathroom tiles.

If you are installing two different types of tiles in bathroom it is always better to buy it from the same supplier. Sometime supplier have different thickness for tiles and its really look awkward and uneven if you have two different heights of tiles in bathroom.

Along with design and style of the tiles the quality, hygiene and durability of tiles is also very important. Tiling ideas from better bathrooms will help you to make your bathroom unique, stylish through which it reflects your personality by all perspectives.

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