How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

City living is such a toss-up. Sure, you can live in a vibrant, exciting neighborhood, filled with culture, excellent food and interesting people. But chances are, you are going to end up paying a lot of rent to live in a very small space. Fortunately, there are some very easy and inexpensive tips to enhance your small room and make it look bigger. Your room is only as small as it feels, and by using a few of these tips, your room will feel like a palace.

The first thing you need to do is choose a colour scheme for the entire room. Generally, a lightly coloured room will give off the illusion of spaciousness much more than a bolder or darker colour. Choose a light colour that you really like, because you will be following that same scheme not just for your walls, but for the whole room. Keeping the entirety of the room within a unified coloured palette (not matching, but shades and variations on the main colour), really open up the room and make it look quite a bit larger. And do not forget, this goes for the floor and ceiling as well. Many choose to stick with the same colour for the ceiling as the walls – even if you choose not to do that, go with something light and in the same family. Dark ceilings shrink the room more than anything else.

You will then need to accent your colour with some well-chosen lighting. Again, stick with softer lighting that gives a fuller glow to the room, instead of just starkly lighting up certain areas. Add some mirrors as well. Not too many – you do not actually want your place to look like a palace – but some well-chosen and well-placed mirrors will both make the room look larger and help bounce light around the room.

Another key tip is that simpler is always better. Do not crowd your room with furniture – pick a few simple pieces within your colour scheme, and do not fill up every available inch of space – you might be able to get more things in the room, but it will feel smaller. This tip goes for your organizational skills as well – the more you can reduce clutter in a smaller room, the more open it will feel. Avoid piling books and magazines – invest in a nice shelf or rack instead, and keep them off the floor.

If instead of doing it yourself, you decide you want to hire a real décor professional in Nigeria to assist you, check out free classified listings online.

Of course, if you’d like to rent or sell your apartment at a better price, making small rooms look bigger will help you in this task. To see an example and get some inspiration check out some Nigerian real estate ads online. Good luck!

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