Achieving A Classic Sense of Interior Design

There are various genres that interior designers aspire to modern, contemporary, and traditional. Of these three, it is arguably traditional decor that is hardest to get right, simply because it usually incorporates more stuff. Decadence is often a feature of traditional design, whereas modern decor can be achieved by minimalism.

The traditional decor is a decor of stuff. This means that a whole world of antiques and even some contemporary furniture is open to you. You might have chosen the traditional style, because you live in a period property, for instance with period windows. Matching furniture et al with the architecture of your home is a great way to achieve uniformity and harmony of style.

Actually, windows can really come alive in homes that are designed to be traditional. Period windows tend to be more attractive and extravagant than their modern counterparts. Many period windows are simply crying out for features such as net curtains or wooden blinds.

The texture is a great friend of the traditional look, and a textured interior can be easily achieved. Upholstered fabrics, wallpaper and even curtains can be employed to create an interior that has many dimensions of texture, and great stylistic depth.

You may assume that traditional decor lacks a functional element, but this doesn’t have to be the case, and all the accoutrements of modern life can be held in beautiful traditional style cabinets and storage units, so they needn’t undermine the traditional look.

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