Modern Leak Detection Techniques

Until fairly recently if you had a leak in a pipe that was buried in the ground or, worse, in the walls of your home finding and fixing the leak was a nightmare. If you detected the leak early before the damp patch had spread too far you at least had a general idea of where the pipe had burst. However, most people do not notice a leak this early. By the time they realize there is a problem the water has spread a long way and it is impossible to get even a general idea of where the leak is. The best thing you could do was to call an experienced plumber who would use listening devices to try to work out where the water was escaping. Unfortunately, this is not a very exact method, so people often ended up with lots of holes in their walls or floor before the leak was finally found.

Today, plumbers have access to much better technology, which is enabling them to detect and fix leaks much more quickly.


There are now cameras available that can be passed along pipes until the break is detected.

Improved listening devices

For high-pressure leaks, listening devices are still used. However, today, the sensitivity of the equipment used is far better than it once was.

Pressure sensors

Because a drop in pressure can indicate a leak many plumbers now use pressure sensors to help them to narrow down which pipe has split.

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