Do We Really Need Technology in the Bathroom?

Around ten per cent of people admit to using smart phones, tablets or even laptops on a regular basis in the bathroom. On top of this, there are now many companies offering technological devices that are designed for the bathroom, from in-ceiling speakers for music to waterproof TVs. But do we really need all this technology in the bathroom?

Of course, the bathroom itself is becoming more technologically advanced in general with everything from toothbrushes to certain showers being powered and offering certain benefits in the process. However, whilst these additions may help us make the most of our time in the bathroom, it remains debatable as to whether TVs, laptops and stereo systems can really do the same.

The majority of modern bathrooms UK companies offer will not be all that technologically advanced, and instead will be focussed on comfort and indulgence. After all, the bathroom is a place for relaxation and cleansing, a place to switch off from the constant barrage of data we are subjected to throughout our days and a place in which we can emerge from feeling energised, refreshed and revived. By adding in distractions and technology, there is a good chance that we will not switch off at all, and instead, whilst we will indeed get to bathe or pamper ourselves, we will not get all the mental benefits that can come along with a deep, relaxing soak.

The majority of homes will have between ten and fifteen devices connected to the internet at any time. This means that we are constantly able to keep in touch with what is going on in the outside world, whether that be socially, or in terms of work or world news. This ability for us to constantly be kept in the know and always be contactable is a wonderful thing, but can also be extremely draining. The bathroom used to be the one place within which we could switch off from all these distractions and simply have time to ourselves. And so it should remain.

Therefore, instead of paying out a great deal of money to have TVs, stereos or even computers installed in the bathroom, homeowners will benefit far more from spending that money on updating their bathroom in other ways. By getting a better shower, more appealing lighting or even reducing the amount of clutter there is in the room, individuals will find it far easier to lie back and soak their troubles away. Luxury bathrooms will make a huge difference to how comfortable and relaxed one is when bathing, and spending extra money here will in turn be far more effective at helping us enjoy such a room.

Everything from how bathrooms are heated to how well they are lit will affect one’s mood whilst they are in the there, and taking time to get the core elements of the bathroom right will be far more important than looking at ways to bring technology into the room.

So, next time you head into the bathroom, leave those phones and laptops outside. You may be surprised at just how nice it is to be able to truly switch off and enjoy some time completely to yourself.

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