Re-Visualise Your Patio And Garden With Decorative Concrete Flooring


Traditional concrete has always been associated with a drab and dreary outlook. However, modern experimentation with this wonderful ingredient has come up with flooring options that can give even the most decorative features a run for their money. If you have not yet explored the world of decorative concrete, you are severely missing out. The options for the exterior flooring of your patio and gardens are immense if you plan to incorporate the beautifully decorative textures and colour variations of concrete. Here is a look at these options to spur your ideas in the right direction.

Concrete staining for your existing floor

You can use concrete staining options to create colour variations in your existing concrete floor. Often a complete overhaul of your exterior flooring can drum up a bit of an expense. Forego that option for simply choosing a concrete staining service that helps to incorporate earth tones or even bold colour palettes onto your current concrete floor. Ask your concrete contractor for added service options such as polishing for a completely professional finish to the final stained floor.

Heavy-duty concrete coating for added protection

For areas such as a garage or car parks, the concrete floors will benefit from an added coating for more strength and protection. These areas suffer regular damage from the manoeuvring of heavy vehicles throughout the day. A high-quality concrete coating can actually help minimise the maintenance hassle for your garage floors. Check with your contractor for the viability of epoxy flooring, to add a decorative feature without compromising on the strength of the concrete coating.

Stamped concrete for bold textured driveways

Driveways are often the first feature of your homes that you expose to the world, yet they also remain one of the least explored of your features. With concrete overlays and stamped concrete tiles, you can customise your driveway to a style statement. Not only will the paved textures look beautiful on your driveway, but they are also more affordable than decorative tiles and more enduring than even brick paved structures.

Apart from decorating your exterior floors, you also have to plan a careful maintenance strategy for their future upkeep. You can consult with your contractor to understand more with regard to these options.

Polishing – Polishing the concrete, is a drawn-out process, which includes gradual grinding of the surface layer and polishing with precision. This ultimately helps bring out the shine and lustre of the concrete slabs. Polishing can help revamp the look of your old concrete floors immediately.

Resurfacing – The professional measure helps to repair the surface of old concrete floors without having to uproot the concrete slabs. If the damage to the floors is mostly limited to the surface, this option can be a time and money saver to help rectify the issue and maintain your floors better.

Make sure to only rely on an established contractor for the various aspects of revamping and maintaining your concrete floors. It is essential that you have the right professionals handling the task to balance between the maintenance and decorative features of your concrete floors.

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