Smart Homes: My Home’s On The Dean’s List

Smart Homes

A Smart Home is one that is a home outfitted with electronic devices that provide the homeowner with control over certain systems.  The homeowner controls the devices either through the Internet, a computer, or a phone.

Making your home a Smart Home literally places everything that’s going on in your total control. Such makes your life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.  It’s also a lot of fun!

Smart Home Benefits

Smart Home know-how offers many benefits.  Listing them all would take up pages of paper and eventually bore you after a while.  But, there are a few that definitely require mentioning.

A Smart Home would make life much easier for the elderly and disabled.  It could follow a person’s diet and monitor what they’re eating, let them know when they need to take medicine, and contact help should they fall or need emergency services.

A Smart Home also provides peace of mind.  You would never again worry about whether you or someone else left the oven or a faucet on, forgot to lock the door, or did anything that could cause a problem.  A Smart Home alerts you when a situation becomes potentially problematic and lets you check on matters, then lets you correct them.  You could shut off the oven or that faucet and lock the door.

Additional benefits will be explained by some of the devices a Smart Home utilizes.  Some call it a “Line up.”  That’s fitting as the devices are certainly a group of the best players.

Smart Home Line-Up

A Smart Home allows you to operate and control your home through the following devices:

  • Thermostat

The thermostat, of course, regulates the temperature in your home.  But, a Smart Home thermostat goes much further.  It actually figures out how long it takes to warm and cool your house, what the weather is going to be like, and when it’s drafty and humid. It learns about your heating or cooling system and determines how to make it more efficient.   The thermostat also studies you.  It observes when you tend to turn up and turn down the temperature and establishes routines and patterns. The thermostat will recognize that and create a schedule and eventually set the temperature for you, which uses up less energy and lowers your energy bill. 

  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This home alarm lasts up to ten years, provides emergency alerts on your smartphone, and is the first home alarm you can quiet with your smartphone.  It also routinely tests itself and lets you know if it needs new batteries.

  • Indoor Camera

This indoor security camera lets you watch over the inside of your home, even while you’re away.  It also provides alerts if a person enters a room or if their image enters a frame and lets you know if something particular takes (e.g. someone tries to open a safe or open the snack jar). You can actually see and listen to what’s taking place inside your home at all times and speak to who’s there.  As well, it records all day and night and saves up to thirty days of recording securely on the cloud.

  • Nest Outdoor Camera

This outdoor camera, like the indoor camera, lets you see what’s going on outside of your home and lets you speak to who may approach your home.  It also sends out an alerts if a person walks up to the door or if their image enters a frame, and it constantly records, all day and night, and saves up to thirty days of recording securely on the cloud.

*The Nest Indoor Camera and Nest Outdoor Camera have helped solve crimes.  Using the speakers, homeowners were able to frighten away intruders and with recordings, police were able to identify and apprehend criminals.

  • Voice Control

A voice-activated device lets you do all these with vocal commands.  Tell the device to lower the heat, lock the door, and turn on the dryer…  You get the idea.

 These are just a few of the devices that you can you use to make your Home Smart.  Imagine all the benefits you’ll enjoy and all the fun you’ll have with such a home.

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