Reasons To Get Waterproofing For Your Basement

Waterproofing Basement

Any usable space that is below ground or at ground level should be waterproofed. This applies to all basements, whether you are planning to redecorate yours and rent it out as a basement flat or to use it for storing home junk or keeping your wine collection. Even if it is merely a small crawl space, it should be made waterproof.

Wet basements are a health risk. Mould, mildew and many kinds of bacteria and other micro-organisms can grow and multiply in wet basements and can rise through floors to the living space above. If these intruders are not washed away, they can cause unpleasant smells and all kinds of respiratory problems to residents, especially the very young and elderly. Many micro-organisms may trigger an allergic response without warning. It could be a sunny day outside, but someone could have a runny nose, irritated throat and watery eyes and mistake the condition for hay fever. And this could develop into something more serious, such as asthma.

A waterproofed basement will also stop larger intruders such as rodents and insects from coming into the house. An animal will always follow a water course and find its way into a warmer space by pushing, gnawing or scratching at a crack. You may find that you are sharing your home with squirrels, rats, mice and even the odd fox. Waterproofing will keep these unwanted visitors out.

There could be a problem outdoors that causes water to seep into a basement. Without basement waterproofing London, a problem such as a broken drain may take time to come to light. A similar situation could occur as a result of leaky or blocked pipes and broken gutters. Sometimes a householder may notice these a long time after the initial damage happened and they could be expensive to repair.

Underground moisture can penetrate foundations and masonry. Changes in temperature between the seasons cause water in masonry to expand and contract. If it freezes the ice expands even more and could create cracks. If left to fester this situation could damage the structural integrity of the house. At the extreme, weak foundations may cause the entire house to collapse. So waterproofing a basement improves the durability of any building.

Extra space comes at a premium in most homes these days, so if you have some you could make money from it. Once waterproof, the basement can be used as a spare room, a home office or even just a good storage room. This will add value to your home. If the basement is large enough, you could convert it into a studio or apartment and either rent it out or even sell it. A potential buyer of the newly converted basement, or perhaps the house as a whole, must feel confident that the structure is in good repair. In the meantime, that waterproof basement will make the rest of the house feel drier and warmer so you can also save money on your heating bills.
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