All Things About A Sisal Carpet

All Things About A Sisal Carpet

Carpets and rugs have been used by people since ages but in recent times they have seen a surge in their popularity. It might be because earlier people were using it only for its useful purpose but nowadays they are laid at places for their sustainability and decoration purpose as well. Also, the quality and features have only enhanced through time which compel people to buy it.

There are many options available in the market from man-made to natural. And latter is preferred over former because they are greenest options for flooring. From coir to jute, wool to seagrass all is natural fibers. And one another such eco-friendly material is sisal.

Sisal is a great choice when it comes to rugs and carpets. One of the benefits is that it is cleanable. If a sisal carpet gets wet it will change its color and you will not be able to do spot cleaning. Therefore, even any liquid is spilt on it; it is advisable to clean the entire carpet so that it remains consistent color and texture wise. Getting it cleaned from professionals in six months or so is perfect for it and on regular basis, you can do the vacuuming. Here are few other things that you must know about a sisal carpet before you decide to purchase it: –

  • Sisal is extraordinarily durable and holds up well for the time so there is no reason to not use it at home or office. It contains tannins that repel dirt and dust.
  • Sisal absorbs moisture from the air at the time of humidity and releases the same at the time of low or no humidity. It helps in stabilizing the sensitive nose.
  • Like coir, sisal is also resistant to insects.
  • It is not very flammable and resists static electricity.
  • Being a natural fiber, sisal carpets are good for places where allergic people or people suffering from asthma reside.
  • Sisal is biodegradable. Therefore, when it will be done with its purpose i.e. to be used as a carpet, it will not take long to decompose in a landfill.

If you are looking for not only sisal carpet but also any quirky flooring, sumptuous rugs, spots stripes, carpets, or stair runners, then Floor Space is the one for you. It is based out of Australia and will provide you with fully sustainable and natural floor coverings. They are available in various different textures, colors, and patterns. You can choose the structure and dimensions as per your place.

Floor Space has proffered its customers with an exclusive option as well and that is to ‘Create your own rug’. As the name defines, you can create your own rug if you are not able to find the ideal one on the display or in their collection. Under this, you will decide everything from the material, color, pattern, texture, border style, dimension, shape, and you will get the quotation then and there. So, it’s time to go through their range and find some inspiration for your place!


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