Save Money And Energy In The Home With Green Deal

The Green Deal in Scotland is a great way to save money and energy in the home. If you are on a low income or cannot easily afford home energy improvements, the Green Deal could be the solution for you.

You could be entitled to some of up to 40 different home improvements including new windows and doors, central heating, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and solar panels. If you would like to find out more about the scheme, simply get in touch with your local Green Deal Scotland Company.

The first stage of the Green Deal process is to arrange an energy assessment. This will help your Green Deal company to determine which improvements you could benefit from the most and to give you a cost effective quote.

The Green Deal is like a loan but you pay a lesser rate of interest and can opt to pay back the loan over a number of years. Repayments are taken through your energy bills at a rate that you can afford. Everything is handled by your Green Deal Scotland Company including your energy assessment, the setting up of your loan and the installation of your home energy improvements.

Not all companies can call themselves Green Deal companies. A company has to be first approved by the Government before it can call itself Green Deal accredited or approved. This ensures that you get the best advice and improvements possible. Don’t use any companies that do not have the Green Deal seal of approval on their website or documentation.

If you feel cold because of inefficient heating or your heating bills are going through the roof it could be because your energy is going through the roof too! So many homeowners don’t realise how much energy can be lost through the roof space and are surprised to find out when they have their energy assessment carried out. This problem can be easily resolved with loft insulation and can make such a difference to the comfort of your home.

You might also benefit from new windows and doors. These are another improvement that will make sure a big improvement to security, warmth and your heating bills. Your Green Deal Scotland Company will be able to recommend the ideal improvements once they have carried out your energy assessment.

Don’t suffer from the cold or high heating bills when your local Green Deal company can give you lots of advice on how to save money and stay warm for less. Arrange your energy assessment and free boiler grant today and you could be entitled to some great improvements that you can pay for over many years. It’s an affordable and convenient way to arrange energy improvements and your local Green Deal Scotland Company will be happy to assist. Get in quick because everybody is going to start booking up energy assessments once they realise what a great deal this is!

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