Tips On How To Make The Living Room Vastu Compliant- Know From Pallavi Chhelavda

Pallavi Chhelavda

Whether you stay in a modern house or a traditional looking house, living rooms form the most important part of the building. This is the place where the visitors come and sit. The living room of the home serves two purposes; one is for socializing and to spend private time with family.

Pallavi Chhelavda, the reputed Vastu Feng Shui Consultant says that as the living room serves a dual purpose, it is vital to keep its Vastu in the right manner so that only positive energy can flow in.

A Few Vastu Tips Provided by Pallavi Chhelavda Regarding Living Room

  • Construct a living room in the East or in North and not in South East corner, with the exception of South facing houses.
  • The living room in North-West direction is also beneficial especially for those families who want to avoid late night parties.
  • In order to make the guests feel at home and make them stick there for a longer time, opt for South- West located living room.
  • Living area floor and the ceiling should slant in the direction of East or North.
  • Make sure that the living room door is located either in North or East as they are very auspicious and brings health, wealth and progress.
  • In the living area keep articles, internal furniture and weighty possessions in South or West side or else use a base of one to three inches elevation to keep furniture.
  • The television set should be placed in South-East corner and not in North-East, South-West or North-West corner.
  • Keep telephone in North, South-East or East and place air conditioner and air cooler in North-West, East or West.
  • Refrain from hanging pictures portraying negative energy such as crime, war, blood, cry etc. instead go for the portraits that depict happiness.
  • Use light yellow, white, green or blue colors instead of red or black for living room walls.
  • When it comes to placing furniture pieces, opt for square or rectangular furniture rather than the oval and circular ones.
  • Put heavy curtains in South-West and light curtains on North-East windows and doors.
  • Make sure that the North- East part of living area is kept spotless and free from clutter and place some plants here to attract fortune. Remove artificial flowers and plants and dried plants as they tend to bring in bad luck. Also do not place cactus or bonsai plants in this part of the room as they are not believed to be auspicious.

In addition to this, make sure that the entire living room is well- lit with bright but soothing lights.

Pallavi Chhelavda has several years of experience as Vastu and Feng Shui Consultant and she believes that everyone can lead a prosperous business and a happy life, if they adhere to the right Vastu Shastra. As of now, she is associated with International Vastu Fengshui Research Institute as CEO and has also hosted the TV show “Vastu Living”.

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