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You have just gotten a new job and are eager to start. However, finding the right people to do your house painting is challenging. In such a scenario, you should benefit from the services of home painters in Melbourne under One Day Paint. Since you are new to the field, you might need to be aware of the different services home painters in Melbourne can offer.

Residential House Painting

This types you to avail yourself if you want this service to decorate your house. Most people doing the painting will do the job with their hands, and they are only allowed to paint one room at a time.

Commercial House Painting

The painting services you need to avail yourself are those for noncommercial purposes, such as households, churches and hospitals where they have signage is required.

Outdoor Painting

This service is for those with a lot of outdoor furniture who want to refurbish them all. Some also like to paint their fence every year, and this service is quite convenient for them since they can do it in one day.

Specialty Painting

If you have a painting that has to revamp so that it can become a masterpiece, then this is the service for you. These kinds of painters are good at painting wall art and other paintings where they have to paint in a particular style.

Painting The Exterior, Interior And The Ceiling

The only thing that can be pretty annoying for those who want to do the interior painting they is that they would need to buy many different things like brushes, rollers and drop cloths to start their job.

Spectacular Painting

If you are looking for a specific colour scheme for your interior, you should be able to find what you want with this service. It is just about choosing your style to get the specific combination of colours that you want in your house or office.

Wallpaper Removal

When you need to remove the old wallpaper in your house, you should be able to avail of the services of a person who can do it quickly. Some people have been in this kind of business for a long time, and they have the skills needed when it comes to removing wallpapers.

Color Consultation

Choosing the right colour for your house or office requires a colour consultation service. The person who does this kind of job knows well about different colours, and he would be able to recommend them.


These are the services offered by home painters in Melbourne. You need to find the right one to help you with the painting work in your house or office. Probably One Day Paint it is!

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