Best Online Websites For Free Woodworking Projects

Woodworking Projects

My husband loves to do woodworking and spends a lot of his free time making wood projects in his workshop. He began with simple woodworking projects and is now making beautiful handcrafted wooden gifts for our family and friends. With some encouragement, he has even begun to list his wooden crafts online at Craig’s List and eBay for sale.

When he first began woodworking, my husband would look online for free printable wood projects and plans so he could experiment with different types of styles and techniques. He has continued to get many of his woodworking plans online for free by just looking in the right places. My husband complained that when he would search for free plans he would end up with sites that charged rather than those that offered free, printable woodworking project plans. Therefore, I took a peek at his favourites list and pulled his top five websites for free printable woodworking projects to share with you.

BuildEazy is one of my husband’s favourites when it comes to free printable woodworking projects. This site has many woodworking projects with plans and easy-to-follow instructions and suggestions. They also have a list of supplies needed for each project so this is a good site for beginners. One of the good to to start with their projects is a bandsaw, which you can learn more about at

Woodworking News is another great site for beginners as well as serious woodworkers. They have several great plans for popular woodworking projects that you can download and print. The projects are rated by skill level (hobbyist, beginner, advanced, etc.) and the source of the project is listed as well so you can visit their site to get additional woodworking information. These woodworking projects are great for gifts or for selling. combines searches from many sites for free woodworking plans (over one thousand websites updated daily) to give you access to many projects. You can choose a category and browse the free printable plan projects available for that specific project. This site was one of my husband’s first favourites when he began his woodworking.

Absolutely Free Plans is another good site for free woodworking project plans. Scroll all the way to the end of the page for a list of topics to choose from for your woodworking projects. You may have to look at a few projects to find the exact one you want but there are many to choose from and many have complete plans with diagrams.

Woodworking Plan Finder also takes free woodworking plans from other sites and combines them into a list of projects. Some of the links are broken but for the most part, they are intact and provide good project plans. Provided that you have a little time to browse, my husband says that this site is a good one for finding rare project plans.

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