Special Tools And Methods For Perfect Cleaning Of Windows


Windows, the essential parts of our building premises allow us to enjoy fresh air, sunlight and heat; and add much to the overall worth of the construction. Proper and frequent cleaning of these pieces is a must. Those who are not able to do so may hire window cleaning London or other experienced cleaners who know their task well.

What tools are needed – Gone are the days when window cleaning was done with paper towel rolls that often spoiled the show with dust and smudges. The following tools are the right answer for perfect window cleaning:

  • Soft brush – Be wise to use the soft-bristled brush that facilitates comfort while it is in use.
  • Squeezer – Buy a quality squeezer with replaceable rubber blade. Usually, a twelve-inch squeezer works well with all types of windows.
  • Scrubbing pad – Make use of a nylon pad for scrubbing the windows affected by tree pitches or bug droppings.
  • Strip applicator – Quite similar to squeeze, the strip applicator is equipped with a cloth strip and not one made with rubber. Buy a suitably sized piece.
  • Ladder and bucket – A strong ladder with a platform and a smaller bucket need to be kept ready when you plan to clean the windows.
  • Gloves — Wear soft rubber gloves to protect your hands from the ill consequences of the solutions that often contain chemicals.
  • Rags – The use of lint-free rags and the new ones in particular is good. It helps in avoiding streaks.

Cleaning materials – Gentle & soft soaps and other detergents may be used for proper cleaning of windows. Cleansing powder, white vinegar or dishwashing liquid is also recommended by honest window cleaning London which uses them for eliminating the mineral stains.

Best methods– Following are the helpful tips to clean your windows perfectly:

  • The exterior windows may be washed by mixing some dishwashing liquid into the cleaning solution. Hot water may be used for a soapy cleaner that may be moderate as regards the quantity of soap in it. One-fourth of white vinegar may be mixed into two cups of water. Remember to keep a towel at the bottom to prevent the drizzling water from spoiling the floors.
  • Do not forget to dip the strip applicator in the solution and squeeze extra solution from it.
  • Dirt or debris can be eliminated by scrubbing the window glasses with a strip applicator and the one with the nylon pad in particular.
  • The windows must be squeezed well before the cleaning process is started. Adopting any method; i.e. starting from the top down to the bottom, cleaning in horizontal manners or the reverse-S patterns may be tried. Be sure that the specific method chosen by you for cleaning the windows does not result in overlap passes, blade skipping or other ill effects. Lint-free cloth may be used for wiping the absorbed water after each swipe. It is useful in drying the panels and frames too.

Be recommended to hire the services of window cleaning London or other professionals that believe in your entire satisfaction with perfect elimination of stains and dirt etc.

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