Texas Pipeline Project Could Hasten Climate Change

A protest which is due to take place over the weekend of September 27 and 28 plans to draw attention to the dangers which a pipeline project could cause to the environment

The activists, concerned about the existing dangers of climate change are hoping that their rallies, taking place in Dallas www.aramendiadallas.com and throughout the country will prompt President Barack Obama to reject the plans to complete the Keystone XL pipeline.

The pipeline, if completed, would support accelerated production of tar sands crude oil, and the demonstrators believe this could have a devastating effect on the environment.

Calling their protest “Draw the Line”, the rallies will take place in four cities throughout Texas, with groups expected to protest at Dallas, with a “Remember Mayflower” event which will remember the spill in March when 200,000 gallons of oil flooded the Mayflower area, as well as Austin, San Antonio and Nacogdoches.

The group believes that the various oil projects around the state can be directly linked to climate change and cites figures showing extreme weather events throughout the state in the last 30 years.

They produce documents showing that Texas has received more than any other state in the nation in terms of federal disaster aid as a result of climate-caused extreme weather in the period in question.

Whilst Texas received $ 5.3 billion during the 2011-12 fiscal year in terms of aid – partly for drought-induced losses in crops – the second largest handout was to Illinois which received $ 4.2 billion.

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