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Angle Grinder – Buying Guide, Opinions And Analysis

Whether to cut, to sand, to cut, the uses of an best small angle grinder are multiple as long as we make a good purchase.For that it is necessary to look for products with a wide power with which to be able to do all kinds of jobs and an interchangeable disc system with which to always choose what we need for each job. The favorite model of the consumers of the moment is the Bosch GWS 7-125 Professional model that has a power of 720 watts at 11000 revolutions per minute and an easy disk change system with which you can perform any job comfortably and without effort. Also attractive is the Black & Decker model KG701-QS, which has 710 watts of power and an 11.5-centimetre disc in a product of just 2 kilos and a handle system that helps you be more efficient and precise in your work.

What Is The Best Small Angle Grinder On The Market?

The best small angle grinder is a versatile tool, which makes all types of cutting, sanding or devastating work of any type of materials easier. For you to equip yourself properly, follow the advice of our guide to buy the best small angle grinder, with which you will find quality models that give that touch that you are looking for in all your DIY work.

Shopping Guide

Operating Power

When choosing an angle grinder, the operating power is one of the elements that we must take into account to avoid falling short when performing any work. A power that, as we will see when talking about the disc, it is necessary to adapt to the tasks that we are going to perform, so that the product has the sufficient capacity to perform them efficiently.

If we take a look at any comparison of small angle grinders on the market, we can see how the powers are usually around 700 watts, within the general models with 115 mm disc. This power is sufficient to generate a turning level of about 11,000 revolutions per minute, with which to properly move the disk and obtain adequate performance when working. Anyway, as with the power, this speed has small variations in the maximum idle rotation that can be achieved with the product.

It is convenient that this speed can be adjusted easily, since not all materials or tasks require the same power. If we talk about more fragile materials or more precise jobs, it is important that the speed is adjusted downwards, to avoid deteriorating them during the work. That is why it is worth assessing the speed control system, which should have as much versatility as possible.

Disk Features

If the operating power of the product is important, so is the disc that moves through the engine. Depending on the type of work you are going to do, you must use another disc, also having different measures and thicknesses, which also fit these jobs. You should know that, if the grinder mounts a large disk, you can mount smaller discs, but not vice versa.

Specifically, the most common grinders are usually 115mm in diameter, being practical and lightweight for small jobs. Discs that are effective cutting and roughing material, although its cutting capacity is about 20 to 30 mm, which means that it lose efficiency with thick materials. In this case, we can bet on models with 230mm discs.These discs allow to work with thicker materials and be more efficient when working on large materials.

In addition to the above, it is also necessary to assess the way in which discs are changed. A task that must be simple, so that it is not necessary to pull many tools or spend too much time in the process of change. A fundamental issue to avoid inconveniences during the process and also maintain proper safety in the work process, which should even be above how much the grinder costs.

Comfort And Safety

To finalize our advice to find a good and economical small angle grinder we will review both the comfort of use of the product, and the safety it offers us when working. Two fundamental elements in any power tool, but even more when it comes to cutting and sanding tools like the ones we are commenting on.

On the comfort side you should take a look at the handles or fasteners of the product. In general, these models have a main holding handle next to a secondary handle, which allows to maintain the position of the cutting area and helps to better control the process. If, in addition, the product has improvements such as a vibration reduction system or similar, everything is easier to use.

As for the safety of the product, it is essential that the product includes a protective shield that prevents the possible remains of sanding or cutting from jumping on our faces. In this security, there must also be a mechanism that automatically stops the operation of the disk in case of problems, to avoid risk when working for an operation of the disk without complications.

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