Things To Note While Considering Venetian Blinds For Your Home Windows

Venetian Blinds

Blinds are in various colors, designs, styles, and fits. Among the most popular blinds, Venetian blinds are widely used at households and offices nowadays. The major advantages of Venetian blinds are that they are cost effective, attractive, easy to install, easy to maintain, and altogether these flexible blinds can be a great addition to your home décor.

Venetian blinds are there from the 16th century onwards, which is now globally used. This short guide on Venetian blinds will give you an overview about different types of blinds available in the market now, benefits of such blinds, installation, and maintenance considerations etc.

Various types of Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are typical conventional blinds made out of variety of materials as aluminum, wood, steel / other metals, or plastic. The most common options are;

  • Aluminum blinds
  • Wooden blinds
  • Plastic / PVC blinds.

Aluminum Venetian blinds are the most popular type, which offers a chic and sophisticated style and function along with durability. Aluminum blinds are available in various colors to match to the other furnishings and designs of the rooms. Apart from living room, these types of blinds are ideal for bedroom, dining, kitchen, kids play area etc.

Next to aluminum, wood blinks are also popular which are made of different types of woods including bamboo, maple, oak, or cherry. Wooden blinds offer a much classical finish and also considered as highly precious when comes to home décor. Apart from being stylish and classic, wooden blinds are affordable too within any budget. These properties make wooden blinds an ideal choice for home window covering.

Venetian blinds are also made out of PVC or various other types of plastics. When compared to aluminum and wood, plastic blinds are more affordable. Even though cheaper, plastic blinds still offer excellent charm and can be great addition to the interiors of any room. Plastic blinds are now available in different shades and finishing as faux wood and aluminum, which are highly versatile and inexpensive.

Benefits of Venetian Blinds

Offering maximum privacy, light blockage, and protection, Venetian blinds are the most ideal choice for homes and offices alike. As Venetian blinds can offer users more control over the amount of light and privacy settings, these are now highly preferred over curtains and other conventional window coverings. Being utmost cost effective, Venetian blinds can be well fitted to the budget of all sorts of consumers.


On seeing it, you may feel it very easy to install Venetian blinds yourself. Well, you may be able to do it if you are an expert handyman. In general other cases, it is always ideal to hire a professional who has high level of expertise and experience in window bind installation. This process requires the usage of some heavy drilling and cutting equipment too, which may not be easy for you to avail and operate.

Proper installing of blinds is as essential as choosing a good one. Proper operation and endurance of blinds depend on proper installation and it is essential for good maintenance too. Taking proper measurements and devising an expert plan for installing the blinds at the right position is also important.