Top 4 Building Inspection Services In Newcastle


A building is many things! It could be a commercial investment or a home for you and your loved ones. Whether it’s commercial, residential or recreational, buildings age with time and need regular maintenance in order to upkeep them. Building inspections for homes are like health checks for humans. They’re a prerequisite before selling or purchasing any building in Newcastle.

Building surveys, Building Pathology, Building Audits and Planned Maintenance are 4 major building inspections that ensure sure good health of a building. Let’s know more about them in detail:

Annual Survey Inspections

Large corporate conglomerates own a diverse portfolio of property assets including commercial complexes, offices, factory units and other industrial buildings. They need more comprehensive services to cater for a variety of business needs. A building survey aims to check if there are any discrepancies in lease obligations. Likewise, annual survey inspections need to adhere to a series of industry-specific safety and legal compliances for buildings. It benefits large organizations that need an all-in-one solution to cater to all of their property assets.

Building Pathology

Chartered Building Inspectors work with developers, builders, architects and homeowners to make sure building control and structural warranty in line with industry standards. Did you know? A holistic building inspection service also supports latent defects insurance protection and technical inspections for both commercial and residential projects. It’s an all-inclusive method to analyse buildings with special emphasis on identifying defects and evaluating the performance of buildings. It helps design efficient remedial and repairs works on time to help both the building and its owner.

Building Audit

The local government authorities make it mandatory for building owners to conduct annual building audits to make sure the safety and security of the habitats and the neighbourhood. A building audit helps assess the feasibility of a building to meet its purpose. For instance, a building audit of a supermarket building can help assess whether it’s suitable to work as a supermarket that has heavy footfalls around the year. The age and frequency of thorough maintenance affect the fitness level of a building for its specific purpose, especially for public spaces.

Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance service for home or office is a great choice. It ensures building inspection is scheduled at a regular time interval that suits your needs. The service provides a more stable, predictive and effective solution for keeping your building spaces. Check on your building right on time to save on cost, meet legal obligations and keep its market value. Benefit from the best market value while selling or renting your asset at any time without hassles.

Certified building inspections Newcastle is a must-have on your annual building maintenance checklist. A professional building inspector is capable of identifying, evaluating and resolving maintenance needs for your building at an early stage. Timely building inspections can help save cost and resources for organizations and families. Avail a host of services for your building depending on your needs and requirements. Ask the right questions and make the right choices to make the most of your building spaces.

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