Top 5 Causes Of Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Amongst various systems and structures of any property, the drainage system is also important. It is equally true for all types of properties, especially the residential properties. A drainage system is required to drain out the wastewater and garbage from the given property and keep it clear of such unwanted elements. Of course, the drainage system proves to be quite useful for the property owners. Due to certain reasons, the drains may suffer from blockage or clogging. A number of factors are held responsible for it.

Upon getting across such problems, you surely need to get help from blocked drains Reading and other professional service providers operating around. In order to keep your drains clear of such blockage, it is very much important to know about the major causes of blocked drains. In the current content, we are discussing the top five causes of blocked drains so that the same may be taken into account to prevent drain clogging. Keep reading.

Blockage due to hairs

Large numbers of hairs get into the drains while bathing every day. Over time, these hairs start getting deposited in the drains in the form of huge lumps and hence result in clogging therein. Small numbers of hairs may get removed with the flow of water. However, when these accumulate in the form of huge lumps, clogging is caused in the drains.

Fat and grease accumulation in the drains

The second most common reason for clogging in the drains according to blocked drains Reading and similar other service providers is the fat and grease content from the kitchen. Of course, oils and such other sticky substances are used in the kitchens commonly. While washing the utensils and dishes, these oils and fat content go into the drains. Again these get stuck and accumulate in the drains over passage time and may cause the blockage. Since fats and grease content are quite difficult to remove from the drains with the normal flow of water, therefore, these may result in clogging.

Toilet paper and other things used in the washroom

Definitely, toilet paper and other things are used in the toilets and washrooms very commonly. These are dumped into the drains by most people. Initially, these may get flushed along with water however when large numbers of toiletries are discarded regularly into the drains, these may result in blockage.

Foreign elements

These may include small pieces of soap, wipes, nappies and sanitary items and may also result in blockage in the drains.

Tree roots, leaves and other things

Lastly, the leaves, roots and other parts of the trees and plants may also get into the gutters and other sources of water drainage and ultimately lead to blockage of the drains.

Knowing about these causes of blockage in the drains, one must take preventative measures to keep their drains clear.

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