Toss It Or Store It: Which Stuff Should You Keep?


How do you know what to keep and what to throw out when you’re trying to declutter your home? You might decide that some of the things you keep are going to go into storage, so they don’t take up space at home. But even then, you can’t put everything into storage if you only have a limited amount of space. You need to throw some stuff out, whether that means recycling it, donating it or just tossing it in the bin. If you want to decide what to toss and what to store, there are some questions that you can ask yourself. Click here to find out more about where to store your stuff.

Is It Useful?

Begin by asking yourself if an item is useful. There are plenty of things that could still be useful for you, whether they’re useful now or could be in the future. However, there are also things that you don’t use now and you probably won’t ever use. It’s important to really think about whether an item is useful and be honest with yourself about whether you will use it in the future. Many things could be useful to store, such as important paperwork.

Does It Make You Happy or Evoke Special Memories?

Not everything needs to be useful. It’s also important to have things that are important to you. You’ve probably heard the Marie Kondo rule of only keeping things that “spark joy”. If something has sentimental meaning to you, you might decide to keep it. However, just because you want to keep it, it doesn’t mean you need to have it in your home. It might be smart to put it in storage instead.

Is It in Good Condition?

Another thing to consider is whether an item is in good condition. This is another time when you might need to be honest with yourself. Sometimes you love something, but it’s falling apart. If it can’t be repaired, it could be best to get rid of it instead of holding onto it. This is especially important if it doesn’t have any real value for you.

Do You Have More Than You Need?

One thing many people can find is that they have multiple items of something. Sometimes this can be useful, but often you just find that it’s redundant to have more than one. If you have multiples of something, you could store the extras until you need them. Many things eventually need to be replaced. But you could also get rid of them if you don’t think they will be useful for you later.

Could It Make Someone Else Happy?

You could also think about whether any of your items could make someone else happy. Instead of throwing them away, you could offer them up to friends or family, sell them or donate them to charity. Of course, they need to be in good condition to do these things, unless it’s perhaps a family heirloom.

Take an organised approach to deciding what to store and what to toss. It will make it easier to make the right decisions. Check out Henfield Storage units for your safekeeping needs.

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