Advantages Of Automated Window Coverings

Automated Window Coverings

Window treatments are a staple in just about every household, as they provide the privacy that we all value, while still allowing sunshine to flow through. Over the years there has been minimal change for the curtain and blinds industry, until recently. Many companies have innovated with technology to improve on the function of these home accessories to create automated window coverings. They come with a number of added benefits to make everyone living spaces just that more enjoyable.


While it’s difficult to pinpoint the biggest selling factor about these window treatments, many who have automated window coverings cite convenience as the initial attraction. As smart homes become more ubiquitous, the technology that goes along with them also becomes more accessible. These “smart” blinds symbolize one less piece of the puzzle to keep track of in your home because they will respond to the strength of the sun and time of day according to the commands programmed into the controls. Motorized blinds can also help with any awkwardly situated window coverings, responding to a remote controller.


It is no shock to any consumer that cordless items are highly prized. Cords are limiting for mobility and distance, and can easily create living and working space challenges. Automated blinds seek to solve this ongoing issue by removing the need for them all together. While this is definitely convenient and will resolve a couple headaches before they happen, it also reduces hazards.

Traditional blind and curtain cords can be hazardous to young children and even pets. Everything looks like a toy to children and can prove dangerous when they do not understand what actions can lead to. These cords, just like regular rope, can be a choking and strangulation hazards. While parents can tell their children to stay away from the cords and try to place them out of reach, the best way to get rid of the hazard is to remove it entirely. Automated shades are a great option to go about this.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest concerns for many homeowners is energy efficiency. This comes from two main angles. The first often regards environmental concerns and the effects that energy wastage has on them. This is a great issue to keep in mind when dealing with energy efficiency and then brings us to the next angle which is cost. Wasting energy is expensive to homeowners, especially in regions that experience all four seasons. A crafty window in the winter will rack up a heating bill, while big windows will create a sweltering greenhouse effect in the summer that requires more air conditioning. Automated window covering can help with the greenhouse effect, doing their part to help homeowners. All that is required are solar shades or programmed coverings to close during peak hours of sunlight during the day. This way your home is protected those hot and harmful rays while also keeping the room at a lower temperature. They are a great item to keep in mind when looking to reduce energy bills.

Protection of Furniture and Art

It might sound strange to say that furniture and other items within the house need to be protected from the sun, but it is a very true fact. It’s no secret that the sun has a way of fading bright colours from fabrics and paint over time, people just don’t realize that this can happen even when these things are inside. A sunny room will still see faded colours, and it won’t take as long as you might think. These automated treatments will help protect expensive furniture from the faint power of the sun, as well as items with more sentimental value like pictures and art.

In the End…

Automated window treatments and other motorized blinds are worth investigating for any homeowner. The initial investment is quickly returned through energy savings, but also over the long run by protecting valued items from fading. There are a number of local retailers who carry these innovative blinds.

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