Using the Seasons to Inspire Interior Design

Interior Design


Inspiration is very important when you’re thinking about interior design. Where do you start? That moment of inspiration can mean all the difference. One of the best sources of inspiration is the world around you, specifically the changing of the seasons. But how can the move from one season to another inspire the way interiors look and feel?

An obvious difference between one season and the other is the temperature difference. Therefore, you might move your room around to make it breezier or cosier. You might place furniture strategically around radiators, close to windows or not.

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning. There are few good reasons why it is more common for someone to do DIY in the spring. For one, spring makes people think of rejuvenation, new starts and rebirths. The springtime then is a great time to tackle those larger DIY projects, such as installing hardwood flooring. Installing wood flooring can be a big job but very rewarding, not least because it can add value to your home.

Another big change you’ll notice as we move from season to another is that the quality of light changes. This has lots of implications, not least it changes what colours work best for those interiors. In spring and summer you might change your colour scheme to something bright, airy and fresh, yellows and pastels for example.

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