6 Types Of Industrial Gates For Your Next Commercial Project


Large industrial gates are sturdy built-in materials to stop the entry of unknown people in the threshold of the industrial space. They secure the products inside and ensure privacy to your property. The material used in the construction of such gates varies from iron to steel. Some gates are traditional while others are more advanced and support automated credential authentication depending on the valuables kept inside the factory. You can choose the automatic gates for your industrial areas and driving areas because they can protect your property and give you utmost convenience. 

The different Gates used in commercial projects

The importance of the installation of the Safety gates is not limited to security. It extends to the needs of maintaining high productivity and preventing unfortunate hazards and accidents. The various types of industry gates are:

1) Track sliding gates

Track sliding gates are timelessly used in the commercial as well as domestic location. They are invariably known for their super-efficiency and quality. They are built of stainless steel with metal primer red oxide finish. These kinds of sliding gates save ample space. Such sliding gates come with automatic operation and they can be operated by their sensor system. 

2) Swing Gates 

Swing gates represent class and luxury. They look quite appealing and can be used frequently. You can opt for either automated or manual swing gates. They open to a maximum of 90°. They are a must for high rate security sites. They have hot-dipped galvanized finish and are available in a wide range of colors. Even you can customize such gates according to your preferences. 

3) Cantilever sliding gates

Cantilever sliding gates are so named because they are supported by cantilever based carriage roller system. These gates are built of mild steel, stainless steel with an inbuilt option of timber, tin mesh or solid bar. These are customized gate systems developed according to the requirements of the customers. They have unique photocells and flashing lights with loop detector and safety-sensitive edge. They can keep your property safe and secure. 

4) Fencing system

These are visually appealing boundary system which is a combination of fencing and automated gates. These are constructed with barbed wire and razor wire. They are available in decorative styles, and different heights and are highly durable.

5) Sliding door gates

Sliding doors are a convenient option for sites with a high volume of traffic. Automated sliding doors offer a sophisticated look and are used in commercial projects like hospitals, health centres, shopping centres, airports and hotels, pharmaceutical companies, etc. The synthetic tooth belt drive helps it to operate silently.

6) Rapid door system gates

These gates are generally used in food processing industries, pharmaceutical, textile, automobile, and manufacturing companies. Customers asking for rapid doors are in need of a solution that is more than automation. Rapid doors are high-speed rolling doors that operate at lightning speed. They are exclusively designed to operate for hundreds of times throughout the day. They have excellent heat retention capacity and you can install such gates to ensure the safety of employees.

Why do you need gates for your commercial site?

Investing in the gates to ensure the security of your business products is the most essential step. Adopting safety measures ensures your success. Gates are a way to create a safe zone for you and your employees to work.  It gives authorization to your staff to enter an exit in your industrial area and successfully prevents the trespassers from entering your property illegally. 

Safety is an indispensable factor to be followed on the work premises. So, now that you are empowered with enough knowledge about the types and importance of industrial gates, you can easily search such industrial gates online to choose the best.

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