Thinking Outside the Gift Box

We all know that feeling when we realise that a friend or family member is having yet another birthday! In the past, you have bought them every flavoured bath soap there is and every style of scarf and to say you are lacking inspiration may be an understatement. So how do you avoid giving the same old predictable gift, just for it to end up at the back of the cupboard? Trying to think outside the box and coming up with fresh ideas can be more difficult than it first appears.

Knowing that the person does not already own the gift or that someone else has already purchased it for them can be rather difficult to guess, so how about getting a gift that you know for sure to be unique?

Arranging a trip to a destination that is special to the person or maybe somewhere they have always wanted to go can help solve this problem. Whether it is a trip to a particular city or a ride in a helicopter over a mountain, you can put your own personal stamp on the day by adding your own touches. For example, taking your brother to that café your parents used to take you to as children and recreating activities that bring back good memories can provide a very memorable and touching gift. This should make the day extra special and a one-off that nobody else will have arranged for them.

Making an item from scratch can be a great idea for freshening up tired old gifts. Whether it is a pair of homemade earrings or maybe even customised cufflinks, depending on how far your skills can take you. You could bake cupcakes and arrange them into a floral bouquet, which is cheap, easy and will look amazing. You can then be safe in the knowledge that your gift is a one-off and hopefully, the thought and effort will shine through enough to save it from a fate at the back of the cupboard.

Vintage gifts and unusual home accessories can be very popular – the view that you are giving something second-hand has altered into the giving of a trendy one-off item. There are now countless numbers of vintage stalls, shops and markets popping up with items of varied price and age. You can discover a real find amongst the rubble of trinkets and buy some totally unique vintage presents with a back story that you can tell your loved one about.

Whatever gift you decide upon, if you are determined to make it extra special or just something nobody else will have thought of, just a little extra imagination and resourcefulness may be required. Considering vintage presents, making items from scratch, baking or even arranging a trip with your own personal touches can provide an amazing gift for someone you care about. Once you have gained enough inspiration to think of unusual and meaningful gifts, hopefully, you will then be able to deal with all the future birthdays of loved ones that are thrown your way!

About the Author – Sarah Makinson is a freelance blogger who writes for a range of lifestyle sites, including Clemmente.

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