How To Remodel An Awkwardly Shaped Bathroom

Shaped Bathroom

Whether you have just moved into a new house or you have been looking at your bathroom for years, thinking of a remodel, it can be hard to put your ideas into action – particularly when you are dealing with an oddly shaped bathroom. A bathroom with lots of alcoves, low ceilings, strangely shaped angles, and other awkward features may look very interesting but it can be very difficult to remodel. The best attitude to take towards a bathroom remodel is to take a positive stance and work with what you have rather than what you wish you had.

Work Within Your Room Confines

Remember that if you start thinking about making major modifications to the shape of the room you are looking at long-term work and possibly very expensive work. It can get very messy, too. So unless the bathroom is unworkable it is best to look at the limitations it has but also look at the possibilities and design for these possibilities. For example, if you have a large alcove in the room that could otherwise be dark and unused, a luxury shower cabin with internal lighting could be just the solution. Shower Enclosures are ideal for alcoves, corners, and small spaces in strangely shaped bathrooms.

Look for Clever Storage Solutions

Vanity units are probably your best bet when it comes to storage in a strangely-shaped bathroom. These are often freestanding and come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can choose cabinets to fit in odd spaces rather than fitting out the bathroom in a traditional fitted cabinet style. You can also look to install bathroom shelving rather than have units if you do not have much space for vanities. Shelves can be a great idea when they stretch along the wall above a bathtub, for example.

Go for the Personal Touch

A strange-shaped bathroom is a perfect canvas for displaying your own personal style. Even if you cannot fit too much bathroom furniture into the room you can still make it look fun and stylish with the addition of art, plants, décor colours, bathroom mirrors, and clever bathroom lighting. The better the lighting, the better the way you can make your room look smart and inviting. If you have one wall that is largely exposed you could consider this a feature wall and use it to display a decorative paint effect.



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