Top Tips Before Committing To Your New Cloakroom Suite


Nearly all new-build houses these days come with a cloakroom downstairs which makes the journey to the toilet during the ad break of your favourite TV show quicker and easier and means that guests don’t need a long list of directions just to nip to the loo. Downstairs cloakrooms are convenient, can be installed on a budget and bring a new lease of life into what is often an unused space.

If you want to create a cloakroom you have to consider a few things first. First thing is where is it going? Are you converting the stairs cupboard or making use of the bit of the hall that is currently used as a dumping ground for the kid’s shoes and coats? Once you have that you will be able to think about your options when it comes to the following:


How large is the space where you want your cloakroom? You should go by floor area to gather an idea of what will be the best fit in the space you’ve got. Will the space allow for just a toilet and a washbasin or do you have enough floor space for a shower or storage unit? The space shape is just as important as its size too and you will have to consider carefully where each aspect of the suite will be situated.


With a huge range of products on the market, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to style of units. When thinking about style you may think about the rest of the house, what will be ‘fit’ when walking from your hallway into the cloakroom, or do you want a stark contrast? There are modern, sleek, wall-hung units that appear to defy the force of gravity when it comes to where the wastewater goes, or there are more traditional pedestal units. The sink can be round, square or rectangular and even with the toilet you can get different shapes and colours. Having a good idea of your ideal style will help narrow down your options but there’s plenty to browse through if you don’t.


As with most things, you will find suites that range from cheerfully cheap to exclusively expensive. You need to carefully work out your budget at the beginning and stick with it through to the end, thinking that the tap upgrade is ‘only a few extra pounds is all well and good but when you then need to match the toilet cistern lever, door handles or shower head to it for another additional cost, it will soon add up.

Installation: DIY or Professional?

This is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to choosing your cloakroom suite. The difference between DIY and professional installation can have a very large knock-on effect when it comes to your budget and the quality of your suite. If you are after top quality and aren’t the best when it comes to DIY you might want to opt for a professional installation, which will be more expensive. However, if you want to install your cloakroom yourself and you factor this into the budget you may find yourself limited in choice of suites. Some suites come as professional install only and aren’t recommended for a DIY-er, if you are planning a self-install be sure to check the recommendations of your chosen suite.
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