How To Keep A New Leather Sofa Looking Good

Most people would agree that there is something very satisfying about buying a new leather sofa. Indeed, the sight of a shiny new leather sofa is enough to give any lounge or living area a shot in the arm.

Of course, recently bought leather sofas will not stay looking new for long if they are not well cared for. To be sure, it doesn’t take long for sofas made from leather to lose their sheen when potentially harmful things like dirt, dust and domestic pets are not kept in check.

Dirt & Dust

Regardless of how diligent a household is at maintaining a cleaning schedule, there is no way to stop dust and dirt from getting on furniture from time to time. The best way for residents to deal with this is to invest in vacuum cleaner that has a special brush attachment (or simply buy the attachment separately as an accessory). These little brushes are great as they can get muck and debris out of hard-to-reach nooks and crannies far more effectively than any dustpan and brush.

Cats & Dogs

Whilst fur from domestic pets is simple enough to remove from leather settees, claw marks aren’t so easy to get rid of. The best way to mitigate the chances of this happening is to either train cats and dogs to lay in one place (preferably on top of a folded blanket) or to stop them from getting on the sofa entirely.

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