Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Memory Mattress


The memory mattress is one of the latest discoveries in the world of comfort. Being considered a luxury product, it can cost quite a bit. That said, it is a very good investment in the long term. But, like every product, it has its advantages and disadvantages. To understand them and find solutions to these inconveniences in order to still enjoy this mattress, you have to understand what it is.

What is a memory mattress?

To begin with, a memory mattress is a mattress made of special foam called a viscoelastic foam. Essentially made of polyurethane, it reacts to the heat of the body. It is for this reason that it is said to be thermo-sensitive. You will be amazed to know that this memory foam was originally created by the NASA research centre. It is a product that comes from the world’s largest research centre.

The disadvantages of the memory mattress:

It is not the mattress in itself that has drawbacks, it is the memory foam that has it: It is an accepted idea that this foam can give warmth. Indeed, it is believed that because it is thermos-sensitive, it will warm the body. Nevertheless, this is not the case.

In fact, memory foam does not generate heat but reacts to the heat of the body. However, in hot weather, it can turn against us. We speak here, especially for people who generate a lot of heat. Since it reacts to heat, it can harm those who sweat a lot. However, there is always a solution. Just put some cold linen on it and get a good aeration.

The benefits of memory foam:

There is no mattress made with 100% memory foam. Generally, these mattresses are a mix of technologies like springs for example. In this case, only the upper layer counts because it contains memory foam. And that’s where you get the benefits: By fitting body shapes, this foam gives you unmatched comfort during your sleep. It allows you to relax and you will always feel soft even if the mattress is firm enough. Hence, it is regarded as one of the ​best mattress 2017By fitting your body shape, this memory mattress reduces the load on the fulcrum. The pressure of your body will now be redistributed over the entire surface in contact with the mattress. Basically, you will not have more hips on waking. This is especially beneficial for people with cervical problems. Not only does it reduce the pressure on the fulcrum but provides better cervical comfort by wedding the cervical region to perfection. When you sleep on something hard, the spine is no longer very well aligned. This is a problem.

This is a very great benefit for people who sleep two in a bed. If your sleeping partner is agitated at night, you will not feel any of his movements. In fact, this mattress absorbs the movements and will give you a good restful sleep. As already mentioned, it treats and prevents lumbar and joint problems. Moreover, orthopedists strongly advise this type of mattress for cervical problems, sciatica, lumbago and any other joint disease.

This is not obvious, but most memory mattresses are treated against mites, moulds and even bacteria.

It is quite important to find this mention in the best mattress because even if you do not have an allergy, statistics show that you could have it in the years to come.

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