Working With Bathroom Renovation Companies

Bathroom Renovation

If you’ve decided to remodel the bathroom, hiring a professional contractor that specializes in bathroom remodeling will ensure you get the best results and the most from your money. Find a reputable general contractor, check for a business license and insurance, call their references and view previous work. Working with a good contractor can make a huge difference in your customer experience and satisfaction of the finished project.

Here are some things to consider when working with a bathroom renovation company:

How long the job will take.

The amount of time the bathroom renovation will take depends on the size of their crew, size of your bathroom and the scale of the remodel. If you are demolishing the entire bathroom and starting from the framing, it will take much longer than a simple bathroom renovation that keeps many of the current features.

For smaller renovations that include replacing countertops, faucets and fixtures and re-grouting the tile you can expect the job to be done quickly. If your bathroom is being expanded and the lay-out or plumbing needs to be altered, expect to wait a lot longer for the job to be done.

Expect a schedule for the project.

A reputable general contractor will provide you with a schedule of the job. This schedule will include what parts of the job will be done when and in what order. For example, they will tell you that the demolition crew is coming in Monday, the plumber is coming in Tuesday and the tile installers will be there the day after that. They will also inform you what time the trades people will be coming to your home, so you won’t get caught in your pajama’s in the morning!  If there is a change, your contractor will let you know so you can prepare for it.

Prepare for unfortunate discoveries.

It’s always important to add a little wiggle room in your bathroom renovation budget. When the contractor takes down some of your existing bathroom, they might discover some problems hiding in the walls. It’s not uncommon to find water damage, mildew or mould growth behind tub surrounds or behind the vanity in older bathrooms. This will have to be removed, replaced or repaired before the renovation can continue, at extra cost. Being prepared both mentally and financially will help the process go smoother. Learn how to test for mould.

Constant communication.

A good general contractor will keep you in the loop on your project. It’s important that you ask all the questions you might have and that you have a good understanding on what is happening in your home. Because a major bathroom renovation can take a long time and be somewhat disruptive in your home, keeping those lines of communication open can make working with the contractor more comfortable and easier.

It’s also important to be clear on the things that are important to you. For example, if you don’t want any of the workers smoking on your property or there is a specific place they need to park vehicles, you should make that clear in the beginning. You can also tell your contractor if there are any times during the day that you don’t want work being done. This will reduce any unwanted surprizes.

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