Advice For Keeping Stink Bugs At Bay

The fall season has arrived! Your home is more likely to attract termites and carpenter ants. Intruders infiltrate your home in large numbers, making it nearly inevitable to repel them. Let’s take a closer look at stink bugs.

How do Stink Bugs work?

Stink bugs are brown and have a shield-like shape. As a result, they’re also called shield bugs. They are about 14-17 mm in length and easy to recognize. They emit a smell similar to that of a skunk whenever they are attacked. For this reason, they are so widely recognized. They increase with breakneck speed and can lay five generations in a year if the conditions are good.

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Stink bugs and their types

Stink bugs are classified into five types, and they are:

  • Southern Green Stink Bug
  • Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
  • Forest Stink Bug
  • Harlequin Bug
  • Rice Stink Bug

Is there a difference between a stink bug and where they come from?

Minor stink bugs are oval or shield-shaped insects, and adult bugs are as long as they are wide, with side-extending legs. Brown stink bugs are the most common type. However, occasionally, you see an orange and black stink insect or a green stink bug. Stink bugs are believed to originate in Japan, China, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Is Your House Attracting Stink Bugs?

Stink bugs are attracted to several different things in your home. For example:-

  • We keep ripe fruits in open areas so that they will smell good.
  • Garden or planters with native plants.
  • A hibernation period occurs in winter, so they require warmth and sunlight.


Tips For Removing Stink Bugs

  • Fly Tape on All the Entry Points

Fly tape strips should be applied in areas where unwanted guests might enter your house.

  • All entryways should be wiped with dryer sheets.

Oddly enough, those bugs that emit such a foul smell do not like the scent of dryer sheets. Nevertheless, it is true! So, one way to eliminate stink bugs is by applying drying sheets to every entryway and window in your home.

  • Bugs must be vacuumed.

When vacuuming stink bugs, proceed with caution. It is crucial to attach the bag to collect the bugs and dispose of the bag as soon as possible to prevent the dreaded odor.

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