Antique Fireplace Mantels: The Best Decorative Items To Decorate Your Living Room

Antique fireplace mantels give a touch of elegance and supreme luxury to your living room or to your bedroom. You can buy customized antique fireplace mantels from different online stores, and you can choose from a wide variety of materials including sandstone, marble stone and ceramic fireplaces to give a new look to your home décor.

Features of Antique fireplace mantel

  • Antique fireplace mantel is not only used to hold the fire but also creations of true masterpieces that deck up your house in an antique way. They add up to the décor of the house and can be used in multiple ways. These antique fireplace mantels were originally European in style and they also displayed the Renaissance richness of style and luxury to be added to your home. This equipment can also be used as the main centre of attraction in the house. Used for stocking up photos of friends and family, and hanging creative decorations this has crossed the boundaries of a fireplace.
  • When you buy antique fireplace mantels, you will see that they are made with wood, marble, iron, limestone and granite.

Made of durable and long-lasting material:

  • The materials used in making fireplace mantels are very durable and last a lifetime with little care and maintenance. Since they are made from pine, oak or cedar and even apple wood, they are durable; they withstand natural weather fluctuations and are non-corrosive in nature.
  • Build as true masterpieces they come in a variety of designs that highlight the antique period of architectural interests. The carvings of the mantels are very intricate and ingenious making up a feast to the eyes of the beholder.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the fireplace mantels are very simple and affordable. Marble-based fireplace mantels can be cleaned with a wet cloth or with a coat of marble polish. For a wood-based mantel, a piece of cloth dipped in oil makes up an excellent cleaner. For other mantels made with limestone or granite, a soft brush can be used to clean the surfaces. Nevertheless, regular polishing should be done in order to enable its sheen and texture.
  • A mantel shelf is one of the important highlights of a fireplace mantel. It is a shelf that is staged above the fireplace. A fireplace is incomplete without a mantel shelf.
  • A fireplace mantel may also have a mirror that adds to the beauty and craving of the fireplace mantel. The materials used to make it are excellent smoke absorbents that prevent the impure air from entering the room thus giving a fresh and warm atmosphere.

Invest in antique fireplace mantels

In prehistoric days antique fireplace mantels were not in vogue. Fires were kept in the centre of the room thus giving a plain look to the homes. The idea of the fireplace has changed manifold. It has given rise to user-friendly decorative items that add to the beauty of the rooms. Nowadays all modern houses place the fireplace mantels to give it an elegant look. You can choose from the Gothic, the American and the other vintage styles that can give you the rich feeling of antiquity. You do not just see the longevity, but you must also see the utility of the  fireplace.

From acting as a protective layer to the fire to staging the masterpieces, this has become a status symbol for many families, as it is a reflection of abundance in wealth. So don’t hesitate to buy these decorative pieces as they not only serve as a means during the winter but also give an extraordinary look to the house. Innovative craftsmanship has given rise to opulent mantels that have become a craving for many people.

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